Settlement Amounts of Sex Abuse Lawsuits

This page is about settlement amounts in sex abuse lawsuits.  I talk about UCLA sex abuse settlement and then look at jury awards and settlement compensation in other sex abuse lawsuits.  Our sex abuse lawyers handle these cases in all 50 states.

UCLA Sex Abuse Settlement

On February 8, 2022, the University of California system announced that it would settle over 200 women’s sexual abuse claims for $243.6 million.  The average settlement amount was roughly $1 million.

The women alleged that former UCLA gynecologist James Heaps sexually assaulted them. They claimed Heaps inappropriately touched them and made lewd comments during breast and vaginal exams. The women also claimed the University failed to stop his abuse.

Heaps worked as a gynecologist for UCLA between 1983 and 2014. In 2018, he was arrested and charged with sexual battery. These charges involved two former patients. Following the arrest, hundreds of women came forward with their own allegations of abuse.


In November 2020, UCLA settled with thousands of former Heaps patients for $73 million. Over 600 women chose not to participate in this class action. Instead, they filed their own individual lawsuits against the university. This recent settlement resolved over 200 individual claims. Each plaintiff will receive approximately $1.2 million.

UCLA initially investigated Heaps in 2017. He retired the following year after the university decided to not renew his contract. Heaps faced 21 criminal sexual offense counts that involved seven women. He pleaded not guilty and denied any wrongdoing.

Sexual Abuse Settlements Amounts and Verdicts

Below are summaries of other major sexual abuse cases that resulted in publicly reported settlements. These cases give us a representative cross-section of the types of civil lawsuits and compensation payouts common in sexual abuse lawsuits.

The vast majority of sex abuse lawsuits settle before the case ever goes to a jury.  It is no coincidence that all these lawsuits settled before trial.

  • 2022, Missouri: $1.35 Million Verdict. A girl accused her classmate of sexual assault. She claimed he assaulted her in a school stairwell. The girl suffered emotional distress. Her family alleged that the school district failed to stop the classmate’s harassment and monitor the stairwell. The family received a $1,350,000 verdict.
  • 2022, New York: $16.3 Million Settlement. Virginia Giuffre accused Prince Andrew of sexually assaulting her when she was underage. She claimed Jeffrey Epstein coerced her into having sex with the Prince. Prince Andrew denied Giuffre’s allegations. He agreed to settle for $16.3 million.  This settlement amount is a bit of an outlier.
  • 2022, California: $2 Million Settlement. A woman accused her former Spanish teacher of sexually abusing and grooming her when she was 17 years old. She claimed he abused her between October 2018 and January 2019, when he was arrested. The woman alleged that the San Jose School District failed to prevent her teacher from sexually harassing, abusing, and molesting minors. The school district agreed to settle for $2 million.
  • 2022, Michigan: $490 Million Settlement. Over 1,000 individuals, including former college football players, accused former University of Michigan sports doctor Robert Anderson of sexual abuse and assault. They claimed Anderson sexually assaulted and abused them during routine examinations. The individuals allege that the university failed to protect them from Anderson. The University of Michigan agreed to settle these lawsuits for $490 million.
  • 2022, Texas: $875,000 Settlement. Fifteen women accused the City of Austin of mishandling their sexual assault cases. They allege that the justice system failed them. The women also claimed that city prosecutors failed to prosecute anyone in their cases. The City of Austin voted to approve an $875,000 settlement.
  • 2021, New Jersey: $4.5 Million Settlement. Several apartment tenants accused their landlord of sexual harassment. They claimed he harassed women and gay and bisexual men and provided housing benefits in exchange for sexual favors. The individuals alleged that their landlord’s actions violated the Fair Housing Act. This case settled for $4.5 million.
  • 2021, New York: $600,000 Settlement. Twenty former employees accused chef Mario Batali and his business partner of perpetuating a culture of sexual harassment in their three restaurants. They claimed male managers made lewd comments regarding female employees’ looks. The employees also claimed that Batali lewd comments himself and inappropriately touched a female employee. Batali and his business partner agreed to settle for $600,000.
  • 2021, New York: $71.5 Million Settlement. Seventy-nine women accused former Columbia University-affiliated gynecologist Robert Hadden of sexual assault. They hire a sex abuse lawyer and filed a lawsuit claiming he inappropriately touched them during examinations. Not atypically, many women claimed Hadden became more intrusive during subsequent exams. He faced additional lawsuits that accused him of molesting hundreds of women. New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Irving Medical Center agreed to settle for $71.5 million.
  •  2021, California: $2.2 Million Settlement. Two former students of actor James Franco’s acting school accused him of sexual misconduct and fraud. They claimed he forced them to perform in sexually gratuitous scenes and denied them the use of nudity riders in a sex scenes class. Franco agreed to settle these lawsuits for $2.2 million.
  •  2021, California: $1.1 Billion Settlement. Over 700 women accused former USC gynecologist George Tyndall of sexual misconduct. They claimed he sexually abused them during the procedure. The women alleged that USC failed to protect them from Tyndall. The university agreed to settle for $1.1 billion.
  •  2009, New York: $500,000 Settlement. Virginia Giuffre accused billionaire Jeffrey Epstein of sexually trafficking her. Giuffre claimed Epstein hired her as a sexual servant when she was a teenager. The woman alleged that he flew her all over the world for sexual encounters with many men, including politicians, academics, businessmen, and royals. Epstein agreed to settle for $500,000.
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