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Our lawyers are investigating Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits in all 50 states.

Tepezza is an injectable prescription drug used for the treatment of thyroid eye disease (also known as TED). New scientific research has shown, however, that Tepezza can cause some patients to suffer permanent hearing damage and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Individuals who received Tepezza injections for TED and subsequently suffered hearing loss or tinnitus may be eligible to bring a product liability lawsuit and get financial compensation. Our lawyers are currently accepting Tepezza hearing damage cases. Contact us today to see if you have a case at 800-553-8082 or reach out to us online for a free consultation.

Our law firm is handling baby food autism lawsuits in all 50 states.

Several brands of very popular baby foods contain high levels of heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium. These heavy metals are well-known neurotoxins. Consuming these toxic metals in baby foods may have caused thousands of children to develop autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Many parents are filing a toxic baby food lawsuit to protect their children, alleging claims against the manufacturers of these contaminated baby foods. These baby food autism lawsuits allege the manufacturers knew about heavy metals in their products children developed autism from consuming them.

Marines and employees at the Camp Lejeune military base in North Carolina were unknowingly exposed to carcinogenic chemicals in their drinking water for three decades spanning the 1950s to the 1980s. Scientific studies have concluded that these chemicals cause serious adverse health consequences for these individuals.

Aplastic anemia is one of the diseases that has been conclusively linked to the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. People who became victims of the Camp Lejeune contamination disaster can now bring civil lawsuits for this water contamination and get compensation under a new law that passed Congress in August 2022. Our firm is accepting cases from individuals who lived or worked at Camp Lejeune and were diagnosed with aplastic anemia or similar conditions.

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Chemical hair relaxers and hair perms are products routinely used by a majority of African American women in the U.S. Scientific research has recently established that the chemicals in hair relaxers can cause endometriosis, infertility and other serious health conditions. Lawsuits are now being file by women who may have developed endometriosis from prolonged use of hair perms or hair relaxers.  There is a class action lawsuit ongoing in New York that has consolidated all endometriosis hair relaxers lawsuits together.

Our attorneys are now investigating potential new cases from women who were diagnosed with endometriosis after regularly using chemical hair relaxer for 10 years or longer. For a free consultation, contact our office today at 800-553-8082 or contact us online.


Adam DiSarro sued five companies – EzriCare LLC, EzriRx LLC, Delsam Pharma LLC, Aru Pharma Inc., and Inc. – last week for causing an awful infection that led to blindness.  This eye drop lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court in Florida (case number 2:23-CV-120).

Mr. DiSarro was a firefighter and first responder in Naples, Florida. He was diagnosed with a type of bacteria in his left eye called  Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  This awful bacteria is know to be resistant to antibiotics so the medication he took did not help.  He had to undergo intense medical treatment and was confined to his bed for several days. Eventually, he was able to get rid of the bacteria, but he still suffered from long-term effects, including disfigurement of his left eye, headaches, dizziness, and blindness in his left eye.

This EzriCare Lawsuit

Our attorneys handle Camp Lejeune liver cancer and fatty liver disease lawsuits in all 50 states.

You can argue that liver cancer is the most potent disease linked to the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. Why?   Unlike most diseases from Camp Lejeune’s toxic water, liver cancer is linked to all three significant contaminants at Camp Lejeune: TCE, PCE, and benzene.

So we expect the government to be as willing to offer reasonable settlement amounts in Camp Lejeune liver cancer lawsuits because of the evidence that liver cancer is linked to Lejeune.

Our lawyers are accepting new Exactech recall lawsuits in all 50 states.  Below we discuss the litigation, provide the most recent January 2023 updates – including the latest Exactech recall – and what our lawyers believe the average per person Exactech settlement amounts will be.

Exactech Recall

The medical device company Exactech is one of the leading manufacturers of implant systems utilized in joint replacement surgeries.

Our lawyers represent victims seeking to file a Camp Lejeune Parkinson’s disease lawsuit in all 50 states.

This post examines the evidence linking Parkinson’s disease to the Camp Lejeune water supply. We discuss the potential settlement amounts for a Camp Lejeune Parkinson’s disease lawsuit. Our lawyers believe the average per-person settlement payouts for Parkinson’s disease from Lejeune cases could exceed $1 million.  We explain our thinking – with the appropriate caveats – below.

If you have a potential Parkinson’s disease claim after spending 30 days at Camp Lejeune from 1953 to 1987, call our legal team today at 800-553-8082 or get a free online no-obligation consultation.

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