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A new medical study has found that the chemicals in hair relaxers or straighteners can cause uterine cancer and other hormone-related conditions in women. Africa’s Best no-lye relaxer is one the more popular brands of hair relaxer, and it is manufactured by House of Cheatham, Inc. Hair relaxer lawsuits are being brought in all 50 states against House of Cheatham and other companies who sell chemical relaxer products. The lawsuits allege that relaxers such as Africa’s Best caused the plaintiffs to develop uterine cancer or other injuries.

This post will discuss the new medical evidence linking relaxers to uterine cancer and the lawsuits against House of Cheatham regarding Africa’s Best line of relaxer products.

Hair Relaxer Litigation September 2023 Update

New evidence has established that exposure to the chemicals in hair relaxers or hair straightener products can cause uterine cancer and other conditions resulting in a hysterectomy. Lawsuits are now being filed against cosmetic companies that manufacture hair relaxers. A hair relaxer class action lawsuit could come as early as this week. Our lawyers are currently seeking hair relaxer hysterectomy cases.

This post will look at who might qualify to bring a hair relaxer hysterectomy lawsuit and the potential settlement value of these cases.

But there is one thing we have to be upfront about.  Our lawyers are only taking cancer hair relaxer lawsuits, not uterine fibroid claims.  We started out taking these claims – in fact we still have many – but we are not taking new claims.  We explain why on this page.

Last year, a new study by NIH revealed that regular use of chemical hair relaxer products can significantly increase the risk of uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and other hormone-related diseases. The publication of this study has been followed by a growing wave of hair relaxer lawsuits by women who have used hair relaxer products for years and were diagnosed with one of these conditions.

This post will examine how the hair relaxer litigation has developed over the last six months. We will also explain the status of the hair relaxer class action as of May 2023 and give our predictions of what to expect from this mass tort moving forward.

Hair Relaxer Linked to Cancer

According to new evidence from NIH, chemical hair relaxers can cause ovarian cancer.  The research suggests that the chemicals in hair relaxers and hair straightener products disrupt the endocrine system and increase the risk of ovarian and other hormone-related cancers. If you used a hair relaxer for many years and were later diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you may be able to file a hair relaxer lawsuit against the product manufacturers.

Our national product liability attorneys are now accepting potential new hair relaxer ovarian cancer cases. If you are interested in filing a hair relaxer lawsuit, contact our office today at 800-553-8082 or get a free online consultation.

About Hair Relaxers and Straighteners

Chemical hair relaxers and hair perms are products routinely used by a majority of African American women in the U.S. Scientific research has recently established that the chemicals in hair relaxers can cause endometriosis, infertility and other serious health conditions. Lawsuits are now being file by women who may have developed endometriosis from prolonged use of hair perms or hair relaxers.  There is a class action lawsuit ongoing in New York that has consolidated all endometriosis hair relaxers lawsuits together.


New medical research has found that using chemical hair relaxers can cause uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, and other hormone-related diseases. One of the leading brands of chemical hair relaxer is ORS Olive Oil Hair Relaxer, which is manufactured by a company called Namaste, LLC.  Hair relaxer lawsuits are now being filed against Namaste and other cosmetic companies by women who used their products and developed uterine cancer or other conditions.

This post will look at the new research linking hair relaxers to uterine cancer and the lawsuits being brought against Namaste regarding its ORS Olive Oil relaxer products.

About ORS Olive Oil and Other Hair Relaxers

Recent scientific evidence has shown that long-term use of chemical hair relaxer products can increase the risk of uterine cancer and other hormone-related health conditions. This has prompted hair relaxer lawsuits against cosmetic companies like L’Oreal. These lawsuits allege that L’Oreal’s popular hair relaxer product, Dark & Lovely, caused uterine cancer and other injuries.

In this post, we will look at the new scientific evidence and the allegations that are being made against L’Oreal regarding its Dark & Lovely product.

About L’Oreal

Most of our hair relaxer uterine fibroid lawsuits involve women who require a hysterectomy to treat their condition.  But our lawyers are also seeing claims from victims who need a myomectomy to treat fibroids that chemical hair straighteners may have caused.

We believe myomectomy claims may also receive significant settlement compensation in the new hair relaxer class action lawsuit.

The page talks about myomectomy lawsuits in this litigation and speculates about the settlement payouts victims might receive. Elsewhere, we give you the latest hair relaxer lawsuit update tracking where we are in the litigation.

New scientific evidence has established a link between female cancers (ovarian and uterine) and long-term use of chemical hair relaxers. Luster’s Smooth Touch and Luster’s Pink are two famous chemical hair relaxers/straighteners. Many women who used Smooth Touch, Pink, or other Luster relaxer products and subsequently developed uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, or endometriosis may be able to file a hair relaxer lawsuit and get financial compensation. Hair relaxer cancer lawsuits are already being filed around the country. Hair relaxer cases in federal courts have already been consolidated into a new class action lawsuit.

This post will examine the recent medical evidence linking relaxers to uterine and ovarian cancer and the lawsuits against Luster Products Inc. regarding its Smooth Touch and Pink line of relaxer products.

About Luster’s Smooth Touch and Other Hair Relaxer Products

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