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Victims of sexual abuse or sexual assault have the right to file civil lawsuits and get financial compensation. Recent changes in the law are now making it easier for abuse victims to seek justice in the civil courts.

This post will look at the process of filing sex abuse lawsuits in Pennsylvania and review the applicable laws related to sex abuse civil suits. We will also discuss the average settlement compensation and jury payouts of Pennsylvania sex abuse cases and look at recent verdicts and settlements.

Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Lawsuit News and Updates

The post is about the settlement compensation payouts you can expect in Pennsylvania.

A recent study of jury verdicts found that the average personal injury jury verdict in Pennsylvania is $903,705.00.

Now let’s turn the kaleidoscope and look at the median.  If you remember from the 9th grade, the median is found by ranking the data from biggest to smallest and then identifying the middle of the data so that there is an equal number that is larger and smaller on each side.  If you had 1001 data points, the 500th biggest number would be in the middle.

For many data groups, the gap between the average and the median is the same or very close to it.  With personal injury verdicts, they are usually light-years apart.  This is reflected in this new study that just came out in Pennsylvania.  The median compensatory award in Pennsylvania in the study was $45,000.00

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On this page, our personal injury lawyers will look at Pittsburgh auto accident lawsuits. We will explain the relevant law as it applies to car accident cases in Pennsylvania and we will examine the average settlement compensation payout in Pittsburgh car accident lawsuits.

Auto Accidents in Pittsburgh

Pittsburg is the second most populous city in Pennsylvania with a population of 320,000. The larger Pittsburgh metro area, which is encompassed within Allegheny County, has a population of 1.2 million. Allegheny County is second only to Philadelphia County in terms of the miles of roadways in the county and the number of registered vehicles and drivers.

On this page, our car accident lawyers will look at Philadelphia auto accident lawsuits. We will review key points of Pennsylvania law relevant to auto tort cases and we will discuss how much settlement compensation plaintiffs typically get in Philadelphia car accident cases.


Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

This page is about Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawsuits. We discuss the law governing these suits and the settlement amounts and jury payouts victim see.

Pennsylvania is one of the biggest states in the U.S., both in terms of population and geographic size. It is home to two major cities and metro areas. Thousands of medical malpractice cases are filed yearly in Pennsylvania’s civil courts. Pennsylvania has unique statutory laws and common law rules governing medical negligence and malpractice lawsuits. Although Miller & Zois is based in Maryland, we regularly handle cases in Pennsylvania through a close working partnership with local counsel or directly through our Pennsylvania attorneys.

Anyone considering a medical malpractice lawsuit in Pennsylvania must be familiar with the state’s malpractice laws because they can significantly impact the value of your case or whether you have the right to sue. The three laws in Pennsylvania that can have the most significant impact on prospective malpractice plaintiffs are (1) the statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims, (2) the Pennsylvania modified comparative negligence rule, and (3) the certificate of merit requirement.

Truck accident claims are markedly different than standard car accident lawsuits.  Truck accident lawyers face complexity with these claims that you do not see in car accident lawsuits.  If there is any takeaway from this page that you get, it should begin with someone with a history of handling car accident claims and is not necessarily a truck accident lawyer.  If you are in a truck accident, you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle the unique challenges of these cases to put you in the best position to maximize any truck accident settlement amount you may get as compensation for your injuries or the death of a loved one.

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Laws

In Pennsylvania, the motor vehicle laws follow a “no-fault” system for minor accidents. This means that regardless of who is at fault, individuals involved in minor accidents must turn to their own insurance companies for compensation of medical expenses and certain other economic losses, up to the limits of their personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.

This page will explain Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuits.  We will explain how the Pennsylvania wrongful death statute works and who is eligible to bring a wrongful death lawsuit and get settlement compensation. We also explain the second cause of action in death cases, a survival action which provides a second path of compensation for the victim’s family


Pennsylvania Personal Injury Law & Settlements

The term “birth injury” generally refers to a physical injury suffered by a baby during childbirth. A very high percentage of birth injuries are caused by negligent medical care during labor and delivery. Hundreds of birth injuries occur from medical negligence in Pennsylvania hospitals annually. The good news is that Pennsylvania law allows the parents of injured children to seek financial compensation. This page will look at Pennsylvania’s most common categories of birth injuries and (2) the types of medical negligence that cause them.

Common Types of Birth Injuries in Pennsylvania

Brachial Plexus Nerve Damage

Here are some interesting malpractice statistics in Pennsylvania:

  • Doctors won 77% of the medical malpractice cases that went to a jury trial. In fact, there is not a single jurisdiction in Pennsylvania where the plaintiff had a winning record
  • Less than a fourth of malpractice lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania were in Philadephia in 2021.  This is part of a downward trend of less malpractice lawsuits being filed in Philadelphia.

In Charlton v. Troy, a Pennsylvania Superior Court nixed a $40 million verdict, ordering a new trial in a birth injury lawsuit alleging excessive traction caused a severe spinal injury.

Facts of Charlton v. Troy

The case revolves around the events that occurred during the birth of the Charlton twins. Mrs. Charlton underwent routine prenatal testing at the hospital when she was 37 and a half weeks pregnant with twins. The ultrasound revealed that “Twin B” was 25 percent smaller than “Twin A,” indicating discordant growth and some tachycardia in Twin B.

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