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If you were the victim of sexual abuse or assault, either as a child or an adult, you have the right to bring a civil lawsuit against both your abuser and any school, company, or organization that might be liable for the abuse.

In this post, we will provide a brief overview of sexual abuse lawsuits in Massachusetts. We will look at the Massachusetts statute of limitations for sex abuse civil cases and the potential settlement value of these cases. We will also discuss how a new proposed law in Massachusetts could make it much easier for child sex abuse victims to bring lawsuits. If you have a Massachusetts sex abuse case, contact us today for a free consultation at 800-553-8082.

Victims of sexual abuse or sexual assault can file civil lawsuits against their abuser and other third parties, such as schools, churches, etc. Our sex abuse lawyers help victims get financial compensation by filing civil lawsuits against parties who negligently allowed the abuse to occur or failed to prevent it. New laws in Maryland have made it easier for victims of childhood sex abuse to bring civil lawsuits, even when the abuse occurred decades ago.

In this post, we will discuss the process of filing a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse in Maryland. We will look at the relevant laws regarding sex abuse and, specifically, clergy abuse lawsuits and the average settlement value of these cases.

If you have suffered from abuse, we are here to help.  Contact our law firm today at 800-553-8082 for a free consultation.

If you or a family member have been the victim of violence (assault, robbery, rape, murder, etc.) at a business, shopping center, apartment complex, or any other type of commercial property, you may be able to sue the property owner for failing to provide adequate security. These lawsuits are commonly referred to as negligent security cases.

Maryland allows plaintiffs who bring a successful negligent security lawsuit to recover meaningful financial compensation. On this page, our injury lawyers look at Maryland negligent security cases and how to get compensation for personal injuries or death. We will also look at the potential settlement payout value of negligent security lawsuits in Maryland by summarizing recent reported settlements and verdicts in prior cases.

When Can You File a Negligent Security Lawsuit

Recent reports and investigations have shown that detainees at Maryland juvenile detention centers (the Hickey School, Cheltenham,  and Waxter, in particular) were often subjected to sexual abuse and assault by staff and other inmates.

Thanks to a new law in Maryland, victims of child sexual abuse at Maryland juvenile detention schools can now bring civil lawsuits against the state and get financial compensation. This page will look at sex abuse lawsuits against juvenile facilities in Maryland.

About Maryland Juvenile Detention Centers

Testimony from a critical witness can often make or break a tort case at trial. But sometimes, the witness testimony the jury never hears can be even more critical in shaping the outcome. This leads to frequent battles over absentee witnesses.

The “missing witness” rule in Maryland, also known as the “failure to call a witness” rule, is a legal principle that allows a party to make an argument or inference in a trial based on the failure of the opposing party to call a witness who might know essential facts relevant to the case. This rule – although technically not a rule – is designed to address situations where a party possesses evidence that could be helpful to their case but does not present that evidence at trial.

The origins of the missing witness rule can be traced back to early English common law, where courts inferred that the absence of a witness implied the testimony would be unfavorable to the party failing to present the witness. This rule was rooted in the principle of fairness and the adversarial nature of legal proceedings, aiming to prevent parties from withholding evidence that could potentially alter the outcome of a trial.

Maryland car accident law is a complex field that covers multiple aspects of automobile accidents, insurance, liability, and compensation for victims. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss how accident claims are valued for settlement, uninsured motorist law, contributory negligence, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, and the minimum car insurance requirements in Maryland. We will also look at the average payout in Maryland car accident cases and summarize some recent settlements and verdicts.

Determining Settlement Amounts in Maryland

Before we dig into the law, victims what to talk about how their claims are valued for settlement because they want to know what their car accident claim is worth. This process involves evaluating the extent of the injuries, property damage, and other losses suffered by the victims. Several key factors are considered when valuing a claim, including:

This page will discuss civil lawsuits being brought by former juvenile inmates at the Cheltenham You Detention Center who were the victims of sexual abuse at that facility. Countless young detainees at Cheltenham may have been victimized by staff or other offenders at the facility over the years. Thanks to a new law in Maryland, these victims are now coming forward and filing lawsuits to get financial compensation for their injuries.

About Cheltenham Youth Detention Center

Situated in Prince George’s County, Cheltenham operates as a secure detention center catering to both male and female juveniles awaiting court proceedings or placement in treatment facilities. It houses male juvenile offenders from the DC suburbs and southern Maryland: Prince George’s, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties.

Window tints laws require a significant amount of light to be transmitted in car windows. Once pulled over, a police officer may check to see if your car’s window tints are legal or not. You may ask yourself how police officers can do that. In addition to knowing how to check for too much tint, you must know the window tint laws in both Maryland and D.C.

How do the police determine if a window has too much tint?

The only way to determine if there is an actual violation of the statute is for the officer, after stopping the vehicle, to conduct a test utilizing a “two-piece window tint meter.” This handheld tool can read whether a car’s window has too much tint based on state or local laws that regulate the level of visible light transmission (VLT) that is allowed through a car’s windows. 

If the VLT level is below the legal limit, the officer may issue a citation for a window tint violation.

The Baltimore car accident lawyers at Miller & Zois have delivered millions in compensation to the victims of auto collisions over the years.

Our goal in every Baltimore, MD car accident claim our attorneys take is to get the maximum amount of compensation for our clients. Our accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing unless and until we get compensation in your case.

This page will look at the topics and questions that really matter to people who are considering whether to file an auto accident lawsuit and which personal injury law firm in Baltimore to hire:

This page will look at sexual abuse lawsuits involving the Waxter Juvenile Detention Center in Laurel, Maryland. Countless children who were inmates at Waxter may have been the victims of sexual assault and abuse by the staff at the facility over the years. Under a new law in Maryland, these victims of childhood sexual abuse can now file civil lawsuits against the state and get compensation for their suffering.


School Sex Abuse Lawsuits

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