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This page looks at the settlement and trial value of personal injury cases in California.  This page was last updated on January 18, 2023.

What Is a California Personal Injury Case Worth?

One study found that the average money damage award for personal injury trials in California is $1,814,094. The median verdict, perhaps a better statistic, is $114,305.


What is the median verdict in a California wrongful death case?

According to a Jury Verdict Research study published this month, the average compensation for a personal injury lawsuit in Texas over the last six years is $826,892. The highest verdict was over $100 million, which obviously, inflated the average verdict. The median judgment is only $12,281.

Indeed, medical malpractice reform in Texas has not helped this number in recent years. A Texas medical malpractice lawyer is hard to find unless it is a birth injury case or other claims with long-term catastrophic injuries and future medical care or future lost wages.  So the average Texas medical malpractice settlement or verdict in a wrongful death case without significant economic loss is likely to be less than you would typically see elsewhere.

Keep in mind, too, Texas is less a state than several countries in terms of how they value personal injury cases.  So a verdict in East Texas might be very different from a verdict in San Antonio for the exact same case.

This post is about the trial and settlement value of personal injury cases in Tennessee.

What Is the Average Personal Injury Verdict in Tennessee?

The average personal injury verdict - as opposed to the median - in Tennessee is $455,802. This includes a $44,000,000 verdict for a quadriplegic child in a minivan accident. This and other large verdicts distort the average.

What Is the Median Personal Injury Verdict in Tennessee?

The median award in personal injury cases in Tennessee that results in a verdict is $18,650.

How Often Do Tennessee Personal Injury Victims Win at Trial?

Tennessee plaintiffs recover damages in 61 percent of personal injury cases that go to trial, eight percent higher than the national average.

Tennessee Personal Injury Verdicts

This page will look at Georgia personal injury lawsuits and how much they are worth. We will provide a general overview of some key aspects of Georgia tort law, including the types of damages plaintiffs can get under Georgia law and how long they can wait to file. We will also look at the average settlement value of Georgia personal injury lawsuits.

Damages in Georgia Injury Cases

Under Georgia law, anyone who is physically injured by the negligent or reckless conduct of another person or entity is entitled to hold that person financially responsible for the “damages” caused by the injuries. Damages are intended to make the plaintiff whole by restoring them to the position they were in before the injuries. In Georgia, personal injury plaintiffs are entitled to 3 different categories of damages:

florida disc injury cases

Value of Injury Cases: Disc Injuries

I think it is useful to write about jury verdicts and give thoughts as to why I think the jury found as they did and the issues that arose in the case.  Why?  Because people are looking online for information about the value of their cases. So we summarize one case, Mayrink v. Luchsinger, the long way and then give sample settlements and verdicts in more Florida disc injury cases.

On our website, we provide a ton of verdict information for victims, many of which suffered a herniated disc.  This helps give some lens to the value of a case.  But it hardly tells the real story of the claim and why a jury may have valued it how they did.  So hopefully posts like this help educate those looking for answers.

Facts of Mayrink v. Luchsinger

This is a herniated disc case.  Plaintiff, a painter by trade, crashed into a median strip after being pushed off the road by the defendant who must have changed lanes without looking.   Usually, in these lane change cases, you almost invariably have a liability fight on your hands.  Defense counsel in this case, probably wisely, admitted responsibility.  Why is this wise?  Defense counsel often admits liability because they know if they fight and lose there is real credibility lost on the scope of the injuries battle.   By admitting fault, the defendant seems more credible and honest than if they fight on liability and lose.  Continue reading

Below are settlement amounts and jury payouts in Kentucky medical malpractice lawsuits.  This page also summarizes key areas of Kentucky malpractice law.

According to Jury Verdict Research, the average personal injury jury verdict in Kentucky is $518,387. The median jury verdict in Kentucky is $40,000.  We drill down on Kentucky malpractice.

Kentucky Medical Malpractice Verdicts and Settlements

The Baltimore car accident lawyers at Miller & Zois have delivered millions in compensation to the victims of auto collisions over the years.

Our goal in every Baltimore, MD car accident claim our attorneys take is to get the maximum amount of compensation for our clients. Our accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing unless and until we get compensation in your case.

This page will look at the topics and questions that really matter to people who are considering whether to file an auto accident lawsuit and which personal injury law firm in Baltimore to hire:

On this page, we will look at personal injury lawsuits in Missouri. We will provide a very general overview of Missouri tort law, including the types of damages plaintiffs can get in Missouri and how long they can wait before filing a case. We will also look at the average compensation payout in Missouri personal injury cases by examining sample verdicts and reported settlements from recent Missouri cases.

Damages in Missouri Personal Injury Cases

Under Missouri law, a plaintiff who is physically injured due to the negligent actions of the defendant is entitled to “damages” in the form of financial compensation to restore the plaintiff to the position they were in before the injury. Plaintiffs in Missouri personal injury cases are entitled to the following categories of damages:

This page looks at settlement amounts and jury payouts in personal injury cases in Ohio.

If you are a personal injury victim bringing a compensation claim in Ohio, you want to know the possible range of settlement payouts for your claim.  Why? Because money compensation is what a personal injury or wrongful death claim is ultimately about.

This page is designed to give you a look at how personal injury cases have been resolved in Ohio and give you a chance to try to match your claim with Ohio personal injury settlement statistics and example settlements and jury payouts.

Jury Verdict Research found that the median money damage award in vehicle accident cases in Arizona is $16,929. Plaintiffs win money damages in 53 percent of cases that go to trial.

JVR also breaks down the type of accident: rear-end accidents accounted for 27 percent of the total number of plaintiff verdicts; intersection accidents accounted for 13 percent; turning collisions accounted for 12 percent; truck accidents accounted for 11 percent; chain reaction collisions accounted for 9 percent. All other liabilities made up 8 percent or less of the total.

I’m not sure why truck accidents were given their own category in these type of accidents. But this Arizona verdict data is interesting, and I think reflects the relative proportions of the different types of vehicle accidents nationally.

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