Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against Illinois Youth Center – Chicago

This page will look at civil lawsuits involving the sexual abuse of juvenile inmates at the Illinois Youth Center Chicago (IYC Chicago). Over the last 20 decades since the facility has been in operation, IYC Chicago inmates have been the victims of sexual abuse and assault by both staff and other inmates. The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice has negligently allowed this abuse to occur and is now being held accountable in civil lawsuits brought by former inmates.

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Illinois Juvenile Detention Center Lawsuits

Illinois Sex Abuse Lawsuits

About Illinois Youth Center Chicago

Illinois Youth Center Chicago (IYC Chicago) is a Level 2 Medium security juvenile detention facility located on the west-side of Chicago. IYC Chicago opened its doors in July 1999 and has been in operation ever since. It has the capacity to house up to 130 male inmates, but usually has less than half of that capacity.

IYC Chicago was originally designed to serve as a maximum security level facility to the most dangerous juvenile offenders in the Chicago area. The physical design and feel of the facility definitely reflects this intention as IYC Chicago has the appearance of an adult prison, both inside and outside.

IYC Chicago is one of five secure juvenile detention facilities in the state of Illinois operated by the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). DJJ has operational responsibility for everything that goes on at IYC Chicago. This includes hiring, training, and supervising the staff, and ensuring that juvenile inmates are safe from abuse and assault.

Recent Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Abuse at ICY Chicago

Recently, a group of former juvenile inmates at IC Chicago (and other Illinois juvenile detention centers) have filed a civil lawsuit asserting that they were subjected to sexual abuse during their time as inmates. The lawsuit alleges that various staff members at these institutions engaged in sexual abuse and assault against the plaintiffs while they were detained at the facilities.

The recent lawsuit highlights a decades long problem with abuse at IYC Chicago and other Illinois juvenile correctional facilities. The Department of Justice ranked Illinois as one of the worst states in the U.S. when it came incidents of inmate abuse at juvenile correctional facilities. The DOJ report eventually prompted state legislative hearings and investigations. This investigation found a high rate of reported abuse of inmates mainly committed by staff members.

Victims of Abuse at IYC Chicago Can Get Compensation

Anyone who was sexually abused while they were an inmate at IYC Chicago (or any other Illinois youth center) can file a civil lawsuit against Illinois DJJ and get financial compensation. The statute of limitations in Illinois for child sexual abuse lawsuits gives victims a long time to file a lawsuit. Depending on when the sexual abuse occurred, victims may have until their 38th birthday.

How is Sexual Abuse Defined in Illinois

Sexual assault or sexual abuse is defined as sexual touching or contact without the other person’s consent and for the purpose of sexual gratification. In the context of a civil lawsuit, sexual abuse or assault is often referred to as sexual battery. Lack of consent is one of the 2 key elements of this. Under Illinois law, minors (anyone under the age of 18) do not have the capacity to give consent to sexual touching with an adult. This means that any sexual contact with a juvenile offender by an adult staff member at IYC Chicago would be considered sexual abuse, regardless of whether the perpetrator thought it was consensual.

Holding the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice Liable for Abuse

The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) had ultimately control and responsibility for everything that occurred at IYC Chicago and other secure juvenile detention centers. This included the hiring, training and supervision of staff members at these facilities.

This means that DJJ had a legal duty to ensure the safety of juvenile detainees at IYC Chicago. This included a duty to protect them from sexual abuse by staff members (and other inmates). There is now a growing body of evidence showing that DJJ systematically breached that duty in a variety of ways. Administrators at IYC Chicago and DJJ regularly and consistently ignored reports of alleged sexual abuse by inmates

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