Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against Illinois Youth Center St. Charles

This page looks at sex abuse lawsuits involving juvenile inmates at the Illinois Youth Center St. Charles (IYC St. Charles).

Like many other juvenile detention facilities in Illinois, sexual abuse and mistreatment of juvenile inmates has been rampant at IYC St. Charles for decades. The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) negligently failed to protect juvenile inmates at IYC St. Charles.  As a result,  victims are now filing civil lawsuits against the state and IDJJ.

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About Illinois Youth Center St. Charles

IYC St. Charles is a juvenile detention facility operated by IDJJ in St. Charles, Illinois, about 40 miles west of Chicago in Kane County. IYC St. Charles is one of the largest and one of the oldest state-run juvenile detention center facilities in Illinois. IYC is a medium security facility with the capacity to hold up to 300 male juvenile inmates. Parts of the facility are over 100 years old.  There is no question that horrible things have happened here over the last 100 years.

IYC St. Charles is also the location of the new Phoenix Emerging Adults Career & Education Center (PEACE), a program aimed providing juveniles with vocational training, life skills and other educational opportunities. PEACE provides juvenile inmates between the ages of 17-20 with career and technical training as well as post-secondary education.

Like most other Youth Center detention facilities in Illinois, IYC St. Charles has been the site of widespread and unchecked abuse of juvenile inmates. This abuse has included sexual abuse of juvenile inmates by guards and staff members at the facility.

Convictions of Employees

A Kane County jury convicted former guard Michael M. Klimek from the Illinois Youth Center-St. Charles of six counts of official misconduct and one count of aggravated battery in a public place.

The prosecution accused Klimek of abusing his position by encouraging juveniles to attack other detainees and facilitating these assaults in January 2016. The case came to light after a victim reported an assault to a therapist, prompting an investigation.

In 2021  a female staff member at IYC St. Charles was charged and convicted of criminal sexual misconduct with a juvenile inmate.

Of course, this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Sex Abuse Lawsuits Filed by IYC St. Charles Inmates

A group of former juvenile inmates from IYC St. Charles, and other juvenile detention centers in Illinois, recently filed a civil lawsuit, alleging they were subjected to sexual abuse during their incarceration. The lawsuit claims that various staff members at these institutions committed sexual abuse and assault against the plaintiffs while they were detained.

This lawsuit highlights a longstanding issue of abuse at IYC Joliet and other Illinois juvenile correctional facilities. The Department of Justice ranked Illinois among the worst states in the U.S. for incidents of inmate abuse in juvenile correctional facilities. The DOJ report prompted state legislative hearings and investigations, revealing a high rate of reported abuse, primarily committed by staff members.

What Qualifies as Sexual Abuse?

The legal definition of sexual abuse is any sexual touching (touching done for the purpose of gratification) done without consent. In sexual abuse cases involving juvenile inmates, the “lack of consent” element of this definition is not an issue. Under Illinois law, minors under the age of 18 lack the mental capacity to consent to sexual contact with an adult. So any sexual contact between an adult and a juvenile inmate would qualify as “sexual abuse” even if the juvenile allegedly “consented.”

Holding Illinois Accountable for Sexual Abuse at IYC St. Charles

The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) had full legal responsibility for all activities at IYC St. Charles and other secure juvenile detention centers in Illinois. This included screening, hiring, and training staff members, as well as ensuring proper supervision of both staff and the inmate population. These measures are crucial to protect vulnerable youth inmates from abuse.

Legally (and morally), DJJ had a duty to protect juvenile inmates at its facilities from sexual abuse. Therefore, DJJ can be held liable in a civil lawsuit if its negligence enabled specific acts of abuse to occur. The plaintiff only needs to demonstrate a link between DJJ’s negligent conduct and the sexual abuse.

Recent investigations and civil lawsuits have revealed substantial evidence of DJJ’s negligence in protecting juvenile inmates from sexual abuse. Specifically, it has been shown that DJJ habitually ignored complaints from inmates and their families about staff abuse. The general policy at DJJ was to ignore or downplay accusations of abuse against staff members and protect their own, creating a culture where sexual predators on staff at IYC St. Charles had free rein to victimize inmates.

Successful litigation or settlements can serve more than one purpose.  First, the goal is settlement compensation for the victims.  That is job one.  But a byproduct can be significant changes in how these facilities are run, including improved training for staff, better oversight mechanisms, and stricter enforcement of regulations governing the treatment of detained juveniles. These outcomes not only provide relief to the victims but also contribute to the broader goal of reforming juvenile justice systems to safeguard against future physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

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