Indiana Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against Dr. David Moore

A sex abuse lawsuit has been filed against Dr. William David Moore, an Indiana gynecologist, and three healthcare facilities, on behalf of at least 82 women between the ages of 15 and 73.

The lawsuit alleges that Dr. Moore sexually assaulted patients and took unauthorized photos since at least 1994. The incidents reportedly occurred during treatments at Ambulatory Care Center, Marion General Hospital, and Dr. Moore Women’s Healthcare, Dr. Moore’s private practice in Marion, Indiana. T

he complaint cites hidden photos and sexual assault during gynecological exams, indicating that Dr. Moore touched women’s genitalia inappropriately during exams, did not wear gloves during pelvic exams, photographed women’s genitalia without consent, and ordered unneeded medical tests.

At the bottom of this page, we have a 2024 update.  If you have a claim against Dr. Moore, reach out to our law firm.

Some of the Sex Abuse Allegations Against Dr. Moore

Dr. Moore specialized in obstetrics and gynecology for 28 years at Dr. Moore Women’s HealthCare LLC in Marion, Indiana, and was also a provider at Marion General Hospital.  We usually do not name doctors until there is an adjudication on the merits. But this guy is the exception. How was he able to practice medicine for 28 years?

One patient made a private Facebook post about her experience late last year. She said she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Moore during a regular examination and that photographs were taken without her consent. The post was shared by her husband on his private Facebook page and eventually by a local news Facebook group, leading to at least 20-25 women contacting her with similar stories about Moore.

Another patient also filed a complaint against Moore, alleging that during her three appointments with him, Moore did not use a speculum to examine her and only used his finger(s). During a pelvic examination, he moved his finger around in her vagina for approximately thirty seconds without explanation. At a 2017 appointment, Moore took a photograph of the woman’s mons pubis without asking for consent. At a January 2019 appointment, Moore made inappropriate comments about Patient B’s virginity and threatened to manually break her hymen if she did not become sexually active within a year.

It continues to get worse. Two other patients have accused an Indiana gynecologist of sexual misconduct during their appointments. According to the patients’ testimonies, the doctor inappropriately touched them during breast and pelvic exams, with one woman even reporting that the gynecologist performed a breast exam without her consent and applied pressure to her nipple to express milk. Another patient, who had been seeing the doctor since 2005, alleged that he performed slow and painful breast and pelvic exams, as well as three anal exams that were so painful she had to be brought off the examination table.

Moreover, a nurse who worked at Marion General Hospital where the doctor was also employed, reported to hospital officials that she had been informed by other nurses that the doctor had erections during vaginal deliveries and had even seen photographs of women’s external sexual anatomy on his phone. The hospital reportedly informed the nurse that they were limited in their ability to act on the allegations. Are we going to pretend this was the first nurse that saw him doing these kinds of things?

Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Former patients are pursuing medical malpractice and sexual abuse lawsuits against Dr. Moore.  His insurance is not going to cover all these losses.  So they are also suing the medical facilities where he practiced for failing to supervise and monitor Dr. Moore’s activities. The lawsuit raises allegations of medical negligence and abuse of female patients, claiming the facilities were aware of the abuse but failed to take protective action or report the misconduct. Each healthcare provider is also accused of breaching its duty to screen and supervise employees, constituting a distinct and separate act of medical malpractice.

As news of Dr. Moore’s alleged misconduct spreads, you will see 82 cases turn into 820 very quickly.  More women will come forward with additional claims against Dr. Moore and the responsible healthcare facilities. How many patients did this guy see in 28 years?

Sexual Battery Under Indiana Law

The women accusing Dr. Moore of misconduct and abuse are pursuing civil lawsuits against him and some of the medical facilities where the acts occurred. The primary tort theory or cause of action that these women could bring against Dr. Moore would be sexual battery. Under Indiana law, sexual battery or assault is defined as the touching of another person’s private areas (genitals, pubic area, buttocks, or female breast) without their consent and “with intent to arouse or satisfy the person’s own sexual desires or the sexual desires of another person.” IN Code § 35-42-4-8

When Dr. Moore’s victims went to his office, they may have consented to normal contact or touching of their private areas for purposes of medical examination. They did not, however, consent to abnormal touching of their genitals by Dr. Moore for his own sexual gratification. Therefore, these women would have valid tort claims against Dr. Moore for sexual assault or battery as long as they can prove that his touching during the examinations was not normal and done with “intent to arouse.”

Verdicts and Settlements In Doctor Sexual Assault Cases

Below are verdicts and reported settlements from prior lawsuits alleging inappropriate sexual behavior or sexual assault by doctors.

  • $80,000 Settlement (Alabama): A 12-year-old female suffered emotional distress and the inability to have a close relationship with men when she was drugged and molested by a doctor employed by the defendant hospital. The plaintiff contended that the defendant negligently hired a doctor who had a history of deviant sexual behavior. The defendant denied that it was aware of the doctor’s background.
  • $750,000 Verdict (Pennsylvania): The plaintiff alleged that she was sexually assault by OB/GYN doctor during gynecological exam. She filed a civil lawsuit against the doctor and his medical practice after the doctor was already criminally convicted.
  • $867,500 Settlement (Ohio): A 46-year-old female, reportedly developed severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after her treating physician, initiated and engaged in a consensual sexual relationship with Beattie while treating her for mental health issues. The plaintiff contended the defendant committed medical malpractice in failing to adhere to minimal standards of care of similar practitioners under the same or similar circumstances.
  • $650,000 Verdict (Idaho): A 25-year-old female dental hygienist who was afflicted with anorexia / bulimia suffered depression and suicide ideation after her male psychiatrist who was in his 40s involved himself in a sexual relationship with her. The verdict included $500,000 in compensatory and $150,000 for punitive damages.
  • $427,500 Verdict (California): Female plaintiff filed a civil lawsuit against her doctor alleging that the doctor committed sexual battery when he performed a medically unnecessary and inappropriate rectal examination on her through false pretenses. The doctor denied the allegations and claimed that the exam was medically indicated.
  • $1,410,000 Verdict (North Carolina): The plaintiff filed a civil lawsuit against his wife’s doctor alleging that the doctor engaged in a sexual relationship with the wife during their doctor-patient relationship. The doctor’s defense was that the wife initiated the relationship with him.
  • $300,000 Settlement (Illinois): The plaintiff, a 57-year-old woman, reportedly suffered emotional distress, including humiliation, embarrassment, anger, fear, loss of self-esteem, mistrust of others and sleeplessness, when the defendant podiatrist caused her to undress and touched her breasts, vagina and anus during an examination.
  • $1,800,000 Settlement (California): The plaintiffs — 37 former female patients of plastic surgeon Peter Chi — claimed that Chi sexually battered them. The plaintiffs claimed that Chi did not allow anyone else in the operating room except himself and his patient during procedures, when he would sexually fondle and massage his patients. Dr. Chi denied the allegations and claimed that that the type of anesthesia he used on most of his patients is known to cause sexual hallucinations.

2024 Update

After a lengthy hearing, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board unanimously voted to revoke Dr. William David Moore’s medical license and impose the maximum fines. Moore, who was absent from the hearing, had his license suspended back in January 2023.  This decision followed multiple complaints from patients alleging inappropriate behavior.

Moore’s attorney argued for the voluntary surrender of his license instead of revocation, but the board disagreed, citing the possibility of Moore seeking licensure in another state. Moore’s defense highlighted his long history of practice without prior complaints and suggested that social media might have influenced the perception of his actions.

Despite reservations from some board members about making a decision before a criminal trial, they found the evidence against Moore compelling. The board also decided Moore should pay all prosecution costs and a fee for the Health Records and Personal Identifying Information Protection Trust Fund.


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