Michigan Sex Abuse Lawsuits

This page explains how sex abuse victims can bring civil lawsuits in Michigan and get compensation. Our lawyers will discuss the newly amended statute of limitations for sex abuse civil cases in Michigan. Finally, we will examine these cases’ potential settlement value and recent settlements and verdicts in Michigan sex abuse lawsuits.


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Filing Civil Lawsuits for Sexual Abuse in Michigan

Michigan law permits victims of sex abuse to bring civil lawsuits and seek monetary compensation. The right to bring a civil lawsuit is not in any way dependent on whether the victim pressed criminal charges. Abuse victims can file a civil suit regardless of whether they reported the abuse to the police when it happened. It also doesn’t matter whether the abuser was convicted.

Victims can bring civil lawsuits for sexual abuse as long as they are presently willing to testify under oath about the facts of the alleged sexual abuse or assault. Other forms of evidence, such as medical records or fact testimony from other witnesses, can also support the victim’s testimony.

If you file a sexual abuse lawsuit in Michigan, the case will be public record. However, you may be able to keep your name and identity confidential. Michigan’s court rules allow victims to keep their names confidential and use “Jane Doe” or initials in court filings.

Definition of Sexual Abuse in Michigan

In Michigan, sexual assault or battery means touching someone’s private parts without their agreement, and it’s usually for sexual pleasure. This includes anything from touching inappropriately at a party to forcing someone to have sex.

To prove sexual battery in Michigan, two things must be true: first, there must be a sexual purpose behind the touching, and second, the person being touched didn’t agree to it. Accidentally touching someone doesn’t count.

Also, if the person being touched is under 18, they can’t agree to any sexual touching legally. So, any sexual contact with a minor by an adult is automatically considered sexual battery because the minor can’t give consent.

Michigan Statute of Limitations for Civil Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Michigan is among those states that have recently enacted new laws making it easier for victims of childhood sexual abuse to file civil lawsuits and get compensation. Under the new Michigan law, adult victims of sexual abuse have 10 years from the date of the abuse to file a civil lawsuit. Victims of child sexual abuse have until their 28th birthday to file a civil lawsuit, or 3 years after they “discover” that they were victims of abuse, whichever is later. Mich. Comp. Laws § 600.5851

The Michigan legislature is currently considering another new law that would make it even easier for victims to sue for sexual abuse. The new law would create a 2-year revival window for victims of sexual abuse to file lawsuits even when the abuse occurred decades ago.

Third Party Liability in Michigan Sex Abuse Lawsuits

In a civil lawsuit about sexual abuse, the main person you might sue is the one who did the abusing. But if that person can’t pay or is in jail, it might not help much.

The smart move is to go after other organizations that could have stopped the abuse but didn’t. These could be places like schools, churches, or big companies. They usually have money to pay if they’re found responsible.

Here is an example of how this can work. Let’s say Jane was sexually abused by her high school teacher, Jim. Although Jane did not disclose the abuse, the school had received other reports and complaints about Jim’s inappropriate conduct with students, which it failed to investigate. In this case, Jane could bring a sexual abuse lawsuit against the school, alleging negligence in its failure to investigate Jim and protect Jane and other students from potential harm.

Dr. Anderson University of Michigan Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Dr. Robert Anderson worked for the University of Michigan from 1967 to 2003. During that time, he sexually abused thousands of students by subjecting them to inappropriate and invasive physical examinations. Many of these victims came forward and filed a lawsuit against the University. In 2022, the UofM agreed to pay $490 million to settle these claims. Learn more about Dr. Anderson University of Michigan sex abuse lawsuits.

Michigan Sex Abuse Settlements and Verdicts

$490,000,000 Settlement: More than 1,000 ex-student athletes are sued the University of Michigan, saying a former football team doctor sexually assaulted them. The University agreed to pay $490 million to settle these cases. Around 1,050 people will get $460 million, which averages to about $438,000 per person (although the amounts won’t be the same for everyone). Another $60 million will be kept aside in case more people come forward with claims before July 31, 2023.

$779,863 Verdict: A female suffered emotional distress and psychological trauma when the male defendant psychiatrist, during a course of treatment to deal with the plaintiff’s childhood sexual abuse, had repeated sexual encounters with her. The plaintiff contended that the defendant was negligent in engaging in unethical and unprofessional conduct. The defendant denied negligence and contended that the plaintiff had not, as she claimed, experienced sexual abuse as a child.

$925,000 Settlement: The plaintiff, a female, allegedly suffered sexual abuse and emotional distress when she underwent psychological treatment at the defendant’s facilities. The plaintiff contended that the defendant failed to properly hire, train and supervise its counselors in the proper protocols for treating its patients. The plaintiff further contended that she was sexually assaulted by employees, that several employees had knowledge of the incidents but failed to report the assaults, and that the defendant failed to ensure the safety of its patients.

$300,000 Settlement: A 25-year-old female contended that the defendant psychotherapist engaged in sexual intercourse with her during her treatment under the guise of necessary therapy. The plaintiff claimed that the relationship began when she was under age and lasted for 7 years and that frequently, therapy sessions would end with oral sex.

$50,000 Settlement: A 37-year-old female claimed to have suffered emotional distress when she was allegedly seduced into having sex with her psychology professor who taught at the co-defendant community college. The plaintiff contended that the defendant professor induced her to have sex with him in his office in exchange for an ‘A‘ grade. The plaintiff, who had reported the incident to various psychologists under which she had been receiving counseling, also contended that the defendant called her repeatedly at home and followed her around campus.

$112,500 Settlement: A female minor suffered emotional distress when she was sexually abused by a foster father and his son after she was placed in their care by the defendant. The plaintiff contended that the defendant failed to perform a thorough background check of the nonparty foster family before placing the plaintiff in their care, that it failed to protect the plaintiff from sexual abuse, and that its negligence resulted in the plaintiff’s injury.

$150,000 Settlement: A 10-year-old female student suffered sexual abuse and emotional distress when she was assaulted by the defendant cable company’s employee while he was in the plaintiff’s home to do service work. The plaintiff contended that the defendant was negligent in sending a violent person into a private residence, in failing to check the employee’s criminal history, and in hiring him for the position.

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