Wolverine Secure Treatment Center Sex Abuse Lawsuits

This page will look at lawsuits involving sexual abuse of juvenile inmates at Wolverine Secure Treatment Center (“WSTC”) in Saginaw County, Michigan. Recent evidence suggests that countless juvenile inmates at WSTC may have been victims of sexual abuse committed by staff members at the facility.

WSTC abuse victims are now bringing civil sex abuse lawsuits against the private company that operated WSTC. If you have a potential sex abuse lawsuit against the Wolverine Secure Treatment Center call our sex abuse lawyers today at 800-553-8082 or get a free online consultation. Our attorneys will fight to get you the overdue compensation that you deserve.


Michigan Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Michigan Juvenile Detention Center Sex Abuse Lawsuits

About Wolverine Secure Treatment Center

The Wolverine Secure Treatment Center is located in Buena Vista Township in Saginaw County, Michigan. WSTC is owned and operated by a private company, Wolverine Human Services, although it was licensed by the State of Michigan. WSTC  began operation in 1997, at which time it was the first private detention facility for juvenile inmates Michigan.

WSTC was a secure detention facility for male juvenile inmates between the ages of 12 and 21. The facility offered a full range of treatment and educational services to inmates, including counseling, psychiatric services, sex offender treatment, and drug addiction treatment. It also offered educational services through its Wolverine Academy.

WSTC was a very large facility that looked very much like a prison from the outside. The 62,000 square foot building was surrounded by a 16-foot perimeter security fence. Inside, inmates are houses either in cells or secure group dormitories which host up to 10 inmates each. WSTC also had a recreational area with a basketball court.

Michigan Moves to Revoke WSTC License

In 2021, the State of Michigan initiated proceedings to revoke WSTC’s license after numerous instances of abuse and misconduct came to light. On February 8, 2021, the facility’s license was downgraded to a second provisional status due to a series of willful and substantial licensing rule violations. These violations were documented in several special investigation reports spanning from October to December 2020 and included additional infractions discovered in March 2021.

One of the most alarming incidents occurred on January 17, 2021, involving Youth A. During this event, Supervisors 1 and 2 employed dangerous and unapproved restraint techniques. Supervisor 1 jumped on Youth A’s back, using a method not sanctioned by Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) guidelines, leading to Youth A falling to the floor. Supervisor 2 then placed Youth A’s head between his knees and used his elbow towards Youth A’s face. Furthermore, surveillance footage showed Supervisor 1 punching Youth A, resulting in a black eye and broken blood vessels. Despite these injuries, the staff failed to obtain immediate medical attention for Youth A.

On the same day, Youth B was subjected to similar mistreatment. Supervisors 1 and 2 improperly restrained Youth B in her bedroom. This dangerous handling caused Youth B to strike her head, leading to swelling and head pain. Again, the necessary medical care was not provided promptly. These incidents reflect a pattern of abusive behavior and neglect at Wolverine Secure Treatment Center.

Additionally, staff at the center failed to report these abusive incidents to Children’s Protective Services, violating mandatory reporting requirements. This lack of accountability is often a harbinger of sexual abuse. There was clearly systemic failures within the facility. The facility’s management and staff depressing disregard for the safety and well-being of young people in their care.

WSTC Shuts Down in 2021

In 2021, WSTC permanently closed and ceased all operations. The closure of the Wolverine Secure Treatment Center was a culmination of ongoing issues related to safety, abuse, and financial concerns. The combination of these factors led to the state’s decision to revoke the center’s license and ultimately shut it down.

Lawsuits Allege Sexual Abuse of Juveniles at Wolverine Secure Treatment Center

In 2024, the first of what is expected to be many civil lawsuits was filed against WSTC on behalf of a group of former juvenile inmates at the facility. The lawsuit alleges that the juvenile were subjected to sexual abuse by staff members at WSTC. WSTC had a legal duty to protect juvenile inmates at its facility from sexual abuse by staff members. The lawsuit accuses WSTC of negligently breaching that duty by failing to properly, screen, hire, and monitor staff members, and by ignoring complaints and warnings signs of potential abusive conduct.

Statute of Limitation for Michigan Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Under the current statute of limitations law in Michigan, victims of child sexual abuse have until their 28th birthday to file a civil lawsuit, or 3 years after discovering that they were sexually abused, whichever is later. There is currently a case under consideration in the Michigan Supreme Court, however, that could significantly extend the SOL for sex abuse victims.

Abuse Victims Can Get Financial Compensation

Juvenile inmates at WSTC (or any other juvenile detention center in Michigan) can file civil lawsuits and get financial compensation for the emotional damage caused by the abuse. Facilities like WSTC have a legal duty to ensure that juvenile offenders at the facility are reasonably safe and not the victim of sexual abuse by staff, or by other detainees. WSTC habitually breached this duty by failing to adequately protect detainees. This means that the company that owned and operated WSTC can be held liable for negligence in a sex abuse civil lawsuit.

How Much Money You Can Get from WSTC Sex Abuse Cases

The amount of money you can get from suing the Wolverine Secure Treatment Center or other places for sex abuse depends on a few things. Here are the three main things that impact that money you will receive as settlement compensation or at trial:

  • Strength of Evidence: If you have solid evidence to prove that the abuse really happened (other than your word) your case will likely be worth more money.
  • Severity of the Abuse: If the abuse was really bad or went on for a long time, your case could be worth more money than if it only happened once.
  • Impact on the Victim: The impact on the victim, including physical injuries, psychological trauma such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety, will also drive up the potential settlement value of a case.
  • Age of Victim: Younger victims will typically receive higher settlement payouts because of the long-term impact on their development and life trajectory.

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