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There will be settlement talks today that go through the weekend in an effort to reach a 3M earplug settlement that provides reasonable settlement amounts for earplug victims who have tinnitus and/or hearing loss.

This page is about what we can expect this weekend with the settlement talks and possible 3M earplug settlement amounts.

3M Earplug Settlement

The third bellwether test trial in the massive 3M earplug lawsuits resulted in another solid victory for the plaintiffs.  Last week the jury in the U.S District Court for the Northern District of Florida awarded Army veteran Llyod Baker $1.7 million in total damages in his lawsuit against 3M.

Like thousands of other plaintiffs in the Combat Arms earplugs litigation, Baker claimed that he suffered hearing damage (tinnitus) during his time in the Army because 3M’s earplugs were defective and failed to protect him. Baker sought to hold 3M liable under a number of different product liability theories, including:

  • Strict Liability (design defect)
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