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Our law firm handles Philips CPAP machine lawsuits for injuries from the recalled Philips CPAP machine.  After the settlement, we are still reviewing new cases.

The Philips recall covered an estimated 3.5 million sleep apnea devices. A CPAP class action lawsuit with thousands of plaintiffs has been consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL-1230). So, every Philips CPAP lawsuit in federal court—filed in New York, California, Texas, or wherever—is consolidated in federal court in Pennsylvania.

Victims also want to know what our lawyers think CPAP lawsuit settlement amounts might look like and when the CPAP lawsuit might be settled.  So we provide below educated speculation of what settlement payouts – which admittedly could be off now –  could be for a CPAP lawsuit and talk about the path to a Philips CPAP lawsuit payout for victims.

Our lawyers are helping victims file a CPAP lawsuit who have cancer, respiratory complications, or other injuries from their defective CPAP subject to a recall.

A rapidly growing number of CPAP machine lawsuits have been filed since Philips recalled millions of CPAP devices used for sleep apnea after discovering that users were inhaling toxic foam particles. Many more CPAP recall lawsuits have been filed against Philips and have been consolidated into the CPAP class-action MDL.

This post will examine the Philips recall lawsuit and the types of health conditions or injuries potentially linked to the recalled Philips CPAP machines. Our lawyers also

The CPAP recall lawsuits against Philips have spawned a new group of related satellite lawsuits against SoClean, Inc. SoClean is a company that makes a product specifically used to sanitize the recalled CPAP devices.

Lawsuits have been filed against SoClean alleging that the company falsely marketed their product as “safe” and “healthy” for sanitizing CPAP machines and other breathing devices.

According to the lawsuits, SoClean’s product was unsafe because it emitted harmful levels of ozone gas, which exceeded the maximum safe limits set by the FDA.

In 2021, Philips recalled millions of CPAP and BiPAP breathing devices. The recall came after it was discovered that foam used in the devices was degrading and releasing toxic, carcinogenic chemicals in the user’s airways. Following the recall, thousands of CPAP users filed lawsuits (or registered claims with Philips) alleging that exposure to the toxic foam particles caused severe injuries such as cancer.

The CPAP recall lawsuits were consolidated into a class action MDL which could eventually be resolved in a global settlement with Philips. In this post, we will look back at how the Philips CPAP litigation has unfolded and discuss the latest developments in this ongoing mass tort.

Millions of CPAP Devices are Recalled

In June of last year, millions of Philips CPAP and BiPAP sleeping machines were recalled after the company acknowledged that sound abatement foam in the devices was breaking down and causing users to inhale toxic chemicals.

The sweeping recall immediately prompted a wave of CPAP lawsuits. The early plaintiffs in these cases claimed that the recalled devices caused a variety of different health problems including asthma, throat tumors, and general respiratory irritation.

CPAP and Liver Cancer, Kidney Cancer, and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Earlier this year, millions of Philips CPAP and BiPAP devices were recalled after it was discovered that foam used in the devices was degrading and causing users to inhale harmful chemicals. This has prompted a wave of CPAP recall lawsuits against Philips, but most of earlier complaints have only alleged consumer fraud claims.

Earlier this month in New York, one of the first CPAP recall lawsuits was filed in which the plaintiff is alleging that inhaling the foam caused physical injuries. Specifically, the plaintiff claims that 6 years of using a Philips CPAP device caused him to develop CPOD, asthma, blood clots, and a tumor in his throat. In this post will we carefully review and deconstruct the specific allegations in this complaint.

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