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Our lawyers are accepting new Exactech recall lawsuits for knee and ankle implants in all 50 states.  Below we discuss the litigation, provide the most recent April 2024 updates – including the latest Exactech recall – and what our lawyers believe the average per person Exactech settlement amounts will be.

There is a lot of optimism about these lawsuits getting settled in 2024.  If you have an Exactech knee replacement system implanted and you may want to bring a claim. you want to call a lawyer as soon as possible because your deadline to file may be close (or have already passed). Call an Exactech recall lawyer to determine your legal options.  You can reach our attorneys at 800-553-8082 or get a free online consultation.  

Exactech Recall

As the volume of Exactech implant recall lawsuits continues to grow, some plaintiffs have become concerned that Exactech may not have enough money to cover the liabilities. These concerns have recently prompted most Exactech recall plaintiffs to reach for additional possible defendants in their product liability lawsuits.

One of the more recent Exactech recall lawsuits to reach for additional corporate defendants is Brendan Leddy, et al. v. Eaxctech, Inc., et al. (1:23-cv-00929), which was filed directly in the Exactech MDL in the Eastern District of New York on February 6, 2023. In this post we will take a detailed look at the allegations in this case, including the collection of defendants named in the Complaint.

Facts of the Case

Exactech is a major manufacturer of implants used in total knee replacement and total ankle replacement surgeries. Over 150,000 people have Exactech implants in their knee or ankle. Exactech recently initiated a recall of all these implants due to a defect that causes the implants to wear out and fail prematurely.

In the wake of the Exactech recall and the class action lawsuit, thousands of patients with Exactech implants may file product liability lawsuits seeking financial compensation for the pain and expense associated with the premature failure of their joint implant.  These suits are being filed in the class action lawsuit in New York.  But there are also state court claims that are being filed, mostly in Florida.

In December 2022, Exactech’s defense team sent a letter to MDL Judge Garaufis last week explaining the status of their effort to get formal coordination between the federal MDL and the state court MDL in Florida. Exactech is pushing hard for the discovery in the state and federal proceedings to be combined to avoid doubling their defense costs. The plaintiffs in the Florida state court MDL have opposed this request.

This page is about Exactech recall lawsuits.  Our knee replacement lawyers are handling Exactech lawsuits in all 50 states.

Our attorneys believe the prospects for high settlements after the Exactech recall are strong if you suffered complications with an Exactech knee, hip, or ankle replacement.

Many victims now getting recall letters from their doctors and calling our Exactech lawyers seeking compensation.

Our Exactech hip replacement lawyers are handling recall lawsuits in all 50 states.  This page is about the Connexion GXL liner recall.  I talk about who is eligible for Exactech recall lawsuit and I speculate on potential settlement amounts in these cases based on prior hip replacement lawsuits.

We think these Exactech hip replacement lawsuits will fetch high settlement amounts.  There are a lot of Exactech recall suits but there are not many hip replacement claims.  So the ones that are brought will bring, we believe, high settlement payouts as we discuss below.

Exactech Connexion GXL Recall

Exactech, a leading manufacturer of joint replacement implants, recently initiated a comprehensive recall of all its Vantage® implant systems used in total surgeries replacement surgeries. These ankle implants have been on the market since 2016 and used in thousands of procedures.
The recall was launched after the Exactech learned that a manufacturing flaw with the product packaging was causing the polyethylene insert component in the ankle implants to degrade and not function properly. This defect causes the ankle implants to prematurely fail, causing acute pain and ultimately requiring patients to undergo additional revision surgery.
Individuals who had the Exactech Vantage ankle replacement system implanted and experienced premature failure due to this defect can file a product liability lawsuit against Exactech and potentially recover financial compensation for their pain and medical expenses. Our product liability attorneys are currently seeking Exactech implant recall cases from anyone who suffered a premature failure of their Vantage ankle replacement implant.

Our attorneys are handling claims for victims seeking to file an Exactech recall lawsuit in all 50 states.

Exactech is a major manufacturer of orthopedic implants used in joint replacement surgery. Exactech is now recalling all of its implants that were used in total ankle replacement procedures since 2016.

These implants are being recalled because a packaging defect has made them susceptible to premature failure causing patients to suffer severe pain and undergo corrective surgery.

Knee replacement and knee implant lawsuits allege that devices loosened or did not last as long as they should.  Zimmer faced over 15,000 Biomet lawsuits over its NexGen implant. DePuy Synthes Attune Knee implant lawsuits were also a big thing.  Now Exactech recall lawsuits will be getting filed in massive numbers in 2022 after a big recall.

There have been a lot of questions about hip and knee replacements in recent years. DePuy, Exactech, Stryker, and Zimmer have had – to put it mildly – concerns raised about their products. These companies would argue that the problems are mostly with patients who are having bad outcomes and blaming the insurance companies.

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