Knee Replacement Lawsuits

Our lawyers are looking at potential knee replacement lawsuits involving the Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex knee implant. Plaintiffs’ attorneys in these cases argue that this Zimmer product never should have been on the market. (Yesterday’s version of this post suggested there has been a recall of this product. There has not. I regret the error.)
There have been a lot of questions about hip and knee replacements in recent years. DePuy, Stryker, and Zimmer have had – to put it mildly – concerns raised about their products. These companies would argue that the problems are mostly with patients who are having bad outcomes and blaming the insurance companies.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys filing these lawsuits paint a different picture, one that involves a theme every jury will understand: greed. The hip and knee implant products market is enormous, extremely lucrative, and tightly concentrated. Global sales of knee and hip orthopedic devices exceed $10 billion. Think about that. You keep hearing over and over during the ongoing labor dispute about how the NFL is “big business.” The market for hip and knee replacements is even bigger and I’d be willing to bet you a lot of money the profit margins are much higher (at least until the lawsuits are over and a settlement is reached).

Of course, this information is coming to you from a plaintiffs’ lawyer (a phrase I have admittedly repeated in this post). If you take that with a grain of salt, let’s look at what the federal government has said. In a press release issued on September 27, 2007 – entitled “Five Companies in Hip and Knee Replacement Industry Avoid Prosecution by Agreeing to Compliance Rules and Monitoring” – the Justice Department and Department of Health and Human Services announced they had settled criminal and civil claims against four of the five largest hip/knee replacement companies in the country. The fine? $311 million. Zimmer picked up over half of that tab.

What’s the point? In the race to get their fair share of the hip/knee implant market, these companies rushed products onto the market and kept their products on the market way too long.

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