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low testosterone lawsuitThese low T drug lawsuits have helped push the country towards taking a real look at the risks of these treatments and for me looking for a little fountain of youth.  It is sad that we need lawsuits to trigger a critical look at medical treatments that might kill us, just like it is depressing that we need Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice to start a conversation about child abuse and domestic violence.  But no matter how we got here, it is good we are having the conversation.

This post will look at the FDA’s recent look at testosterone drugs and look at recent data indicating that Low T medications may increase the risks of catastrophic injuries, most notably heart attacks and strokes.  If you have a low T drug claim and want more information, we can do that for you in a very low stress, low-pressure way.  Contact us online or call 800-553-8082.

Looking at Who Should Be Using Low T Drugs

There are two kinds of people taking low T drugs.  The first is men battling hypogonadism.  This condition occurs when a man’s sex glands fails to produce much or any hormones from their testes.  This is a real condition for which some treatment is really warranted.  Maybe it is testosterone therapy, maybe it is something else.  But certainly, this man wants to get help to give him a normal life.

The second group of people taking this low T therapy?  The rest of us.  Guys like me who want to be a little better, a little younger.  We might have a bit of a hormonal deficiency and maybe we can find a doctor with a broad definition of the term or a Canadian pharmacist on-line.  Off-label prescriptions have driven sales of low testosterone drugs.

We are the group that the FDA is looking at most closely.  Maybe the testosterone helps us achieve our goal feeling and maybe even looking younger and peels back a few years or more of the aging process when it comes to, let’s face it, mostly sex and some other stuff.

The desire to get that boost has been growing leaps and bounds. To put these leaps in context, the total testosterone market in the entire world in 2000 was $150 million.  In 2013, it was over $3 billion with 1.5 million men using this therapy.  What is the relative percentage of the groups?  Ostensibly, half of the men on testosterone have hypogonadism.  Personally, I just don’t believe it is that high because I think these guys would have gotten treatment back in 2000 when the market was a fraction of what it is today.  But, either way, there is no doubt that the number of men who are not suffering from hypogonadism who are taking Low T drugs are increasing.

So What Does the FDA Intend to Do?

Ultimately, who knows?  They have done little since January when they first announced they were “investigating the risk of heart attack and death in men taking FDA-approved testosterone products.”  Whatever they do, you can expect it will be at a glacial pace.

The FDA did a report in August which said that all the studies that have already been done have serious deficiencies that make it tough to draw definitive conclusions.  But, I’m telling you, I’ll bet you anything they change their mind as the evidence continues to grow.  Why not do it now and save some lives?  The American people give the FDA way more credit than it deserves.  You can bet the manufacturers of Testim, Androgel, Axiron and the others will hide behind the FDA’s skirt when these cases go to trial saying, “Hey, the FDA did not act.  Why should we?”  They would have a point if the FDA was doing what it should be.

fda low testosteroneFor now, this FDA panel on Wednesday voted to place new limitations on the testosterone drug industry, calling for stronger labels for these “guys like us” whose primary medical condition is getting older and the low energy and libido that comes with it.  The FDA is not required to follow this panel’s report.  But if history is any indication, it will, particularly in high-profile cases like this where lawsuits are flying.  The FDA does not want to act, but it also does not want to be on the wrong side of history once again.  This leads to the agency doing what it is doing. Taking the smallest of steps, even when people might be dying.

Low T Drug Lawsuits Status

Lawsuits in the low T cases filed in federal court have been consolidated before U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly in the Northern District of Illinois who was already presiding over many of these cases before they were consolidated in this “class action” type lawsuit for discovery purposes.

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  • Low T Therapy: Yes, we need more studies to confirm this but that does not mean we don’t know what we know.
  • Black Box Warning Required?  Somehow, people need to know what the risks may be.  It is hard to argue this is a bad idea.


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