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Electric pressure cookers such as the Instant Pot have become very popular recently. Unfortunately, however, many of these devices have design flaws that make them potentially dangerous. They can malfunction and eject boiling liquid causing severe burns and disfigurement.

Recently, one of the pressure cooker brands that has been the subject of a growing number of injury lawsuits is the Instant Pot pressure cooker which is manufactured by Instant Brands. In this post, we will look at the problems that have arisen with the Instant Pot and how these issues have led to injuries and lawsuits.

Our product liability attorneys are currently seeking new pressure cooker injury cases from individuals who have been seriously burned or injured by an Instant Pot pressure cooker. If you were burned or injured by an Instant Pot pressure cooker call us today at 800-553-8082.

A new consumer class action lawsuit was recently filed against Coca-Cola Company, alleging that the company falsely markets its Simply Tropical Juice as all-natural while failing to disclose that they contain high levels of PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances). PFAS are harmful chemicals that have been linked to various health problems.

Can you bring a Simply Orange lawsuit? We talk about that below and give you a June 2024 update on where this litigation stands.

Video game addiction has become a growing concern in recent years following the growth of sophisticated online gaming. Addiction to gaming has caused significant harm to individuals in various age groups and demographics, but particularly to adolescents.

Individuals who have been harmed by video game addiction are now filing lawsuits against video game manufacturers. The lawsuits seek to hold the gaming companies liable for negligently failing to warn users about the potential for their games to be addictive.

Video Game Lawsuit Updates

This is the latest update on the Taxotere class action (MDL) lawsuits.

Where are we now in the Taxotere hair loss lawsuits?  There have been two bellwether trials.  One before the pandemic in 2019 and one last year.  Both have ended in a defeat for plaintiffs.

So things are not good with the Taxotere lawsuits at this stage.  Do some mass tort lawsuits often begin with losses and then the tide turns and plaintiffs start winning and the defendant offers fair settlement amounts?  Yes.  100%.  But let’s not pretend there are many silver linings when you lose two lawsuits in a row.

As a result of the opioid addiction crisis, thousands of babies in the U.S. became addicted to opioids in utero and were born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and suffered opioid withdrawal at birth. Parents of these children are now filing lawsuits against the opioid manufacturers. If your child was diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome or opioid withdrawal at birth, contact our national mass tort lawyers today to see if you qualify.

Over the past two decades, the number of opioid prescriptions has nearly quadrupled, fueling the ongoing opioid epidemic that has swept through our nation and brought devastation to countless families and communities. Recent estimates reveal that a baby born addicted to opioids emerges in the U.S. approximately every 19 minutes, with many newborns experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms and potential developmental issues daily.

The blame for this crisis often falls on drug manufacturers and distributors who knowingly played down the risks of opioid painkillers leading to physical dependency. Several pharmaceutical companies have faced repercussions for their deceptive and unlawful marketing of drugs like OxyContin, which, like other opiates, can serve as a gateway to heroin use. The consequences of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) can be profound, potentially resulting in lifelong complications and substantial medical costs that can place significant financial strain on families. You and your baby should not have to endure such traumatic circumstances.

Yesterday, I wrote about the rising Paragard litigation and the possibility of a class-action lawsuit.  Today, I’m writing about the history of IUDs for birth control.

How long has Paragard been around? Paragard was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1984. Paragard is known for being hormone-free and can provide long-term contraception for up to 10 years, making it a popular choice for those looking for a long-lasting and non-hormonal option. The device works by releasing small amounts of copper into the uterus, which creates an environment that is toxic to sperm.

The Paragard IUD is the most recent intrauterine contraceptive device to find itself embattled in a wave of product liability lawsuits in the U.S. Like so many of its predecessors in the IUD market, the Paragard turned out to have a hidden defect that caused serious health problems in many users.

CooperSurgical is currently facing numerous lawsuits stemming from the recall of its embryo culture solution amid concerns that the solution may be causing embryo loss during in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. This product is widely utilized in IVF treatments across fertility clinics worldwide. Despite the recall, CooperSurgical has not issued a public notice or statement regarding the matter. The implications of this situation could be profound, affecting families in America and globally who are left questioning whether their embryo loss was due to this defective product.

The potential impact of this toxic solution on countless affected couples presents a tragic circumstance—not due to chance or the inherent challenges of fertility treatments, but allegedly due to negligence and the distribution of faulty products by CooperSurgical Inc. In essence, a prominent pharmaceutical company released a product into the market that they knew could impair embryo development.

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Seventy percent of civil cases in federal court are in an MDL in 2024.  Yet few people understand what an MDL is.

Multidistrict litigation, called an MDL, is a special legal procedure used in mass tort cases to streamline the handling of large and complex cases.  An MDL is a “sort of” class action lawsuit.  It is a class action in that the cases are all brought together under one judge for pretrial discovery.

However, typically, after a few bellwether trials of individual plaintiffs, the cases are sent back to their local jurisdiction for trial if a settlement is not reached. The hope of the MDL process is that the parties can figure out the value of the claims so a global settlement can be reached with most of the plaintiffs.

The idea of an MDL was born in 1968 when lawmakers created the MDL system as a way to speed up and coordinate complex litigation that was filed in multiple federal judicial districts. MDLs are utilized in scenarios where a single defendant or group of defendants commit a single tort or does a single act that affects a large group of people. When all of those individual people then go to sue the defendant, it makes more sense to consolidate their cases. This streamlines the process and avoids different rulings regarding similar aspects of the case.

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Product liability lawsuits are being filed around the country, claiming that the popular baby formula Enfamil has caused premature babies to develop a severe gastrointestinal infection called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

Our national mass tort firm is currently seeking potential Enfamil lawsuits against the formula manufacturer based on its failure to warn about the risks of NEC. You could receive significant financial compensation if you qualify for an infant formula NEC lawsuit and are successful.

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