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Hundreds of sunscreen recall lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson since the discovery of benzene in sunscreen prompted the company to recall 5 major brands of Neutrogena and Aveeno spray-on sunscreen. Thousands of additional sunscreen lawsuits are expected to be filed against J&J (and possibly other manufacturers) moving forward. These sunscreen lawsuits will likely be consolidated into a new “class-action” MDL.

In this post, we will evaluate how much these sunscreen recall lawsuits might eventually be worth (if they are successful) by comparing them to settlements in prior mass tort cases involving defective products and similar injuries.

UPDATE October 2021: in response to the recent discovery of benzene in spray-on sunscreen products, the FDA recently announced new quality control regulations for sunscreen protection products. The new rules will subject sunscreen to stricter labeling, testing and numerous other requirements in order to be deemed safe and effective by the FDA. 

It’s the peak of the summer beach season, but if you drop by your local retailer to pick up some sunscreen, you will likely see a lot of empty shelf space. Why? Because independent consumer product testing recently discovered that a number of major sunscreen products contained hazardous levels of benzene. Benzene is a notorious and well-known human carcinogen that is very harmful to the human body.

In response to this discovery, manufacturers and major retailers have started pulling sunscreen spray, lotion, and other products from their shelves. Now plaintiffs’ lawyers around the country are evaluating whether contaminated sunscreen lawsuits could be the next big mass tort.

Valisure Finds Dangerous Levels of Benzene in Sunscreen Products

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