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Our lawyers handle Elmiron vision loss lawsuits throughout the country.

This page provides the latest news and updates on the Elmiron class action lawsuit and provides our prediction of the settlement amounts, vision loss, and blindness victims who bring an Elmiron lawsuit will ultimately receive.

Elmiron settlements are happening in 2024.  Many victims have agreed to settlement amounts and will receive settlement checks shortly if they have not already.  Many Elmiron lawyers have stopped taking new Elmiron clients, including us.  We keep this information up to keep you updated because we are still committed to victims.  We have February 2024 updates below.

In 2019 it was discovered that prolonged use of the prescription drug Elmiron can cause a unique type of macular eye damage (pigmentary maculopathy), resulting in vision loss or impairment. This condition involves changes to the macula, the central part of the retina that is responsible for sharp, detailed vision. This led to a growing wave of Elmiron lawsuits by people who suffered vision loss from taking this drug.

The Elmiron lawsuits were consolidated into a class action MDL in federal court in New Jersey. In this post, we will look at how the Elmiron litigation has developed, the most recent events, and discuss what to expect in 2023 in this ongoing mass tort. \

Janssen is settling the pending Elmiron cases in large blocks.

Elmiron is a prescription drug used by millions for the treatment of bladder conditions. In 2019, new research revealed that long-term use of Elmiron can cause permanent vision loss. This prompted thousands of Elmiron lawsuits which were consolidated into a class action MDL.

It has now been almost 2 years since the Elmiron class action lawsuit was formed. In this post, we will look at what has been going on in the Elmiron class action recently and speculate on when we could potentially see a global settlement.

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