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The father of a man shot and killed by a New Mexico State Police Officer has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit.

A sad, senseless death. The deceased was shot in the chest by state police officers while investigating a report of road rage. The road rage incident involved the deceased’s brother. When police arrived to investigate, the brothers didn’t realize it was the police outside, rather thought it was someone coming after them for the road rage matter. The brother fired two warning shots in the air. An officer fired back, hitting and killing the deceased.

The father previously filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the state court last year. A Santa Fe grand jury determined that the shooting was justified.

Seven months after the shooting of their daughter, a Utah mother and father want answers and feel filing suit may be the only way they will get them. To date, they have only been provided with limited information regarding the shooting death of their 21-year-old daughter by two police officers.

Awful story here. The lawsuit states that the deceased was shot in the back of her head, “assassination style” while she was seated in her vehicle in the parking lot of an apartment complex. While casing the area for drug activity, the detectives say they saw what they believe was the young woman buy drugs. They claim that when they approached her vehicle, she put it in reverse and struck one of the detectives. Both detectives fired, and the girl was killed.

The City disbanded the Neighborhood Narcotics Unit after a routine investigation of the shooting led to the discovery of several problems including undisclosed amounts of missing drugs and money, mishandling evidence, booking evidence without proper documentation, and officers taking items from seized vehicles. Prosecutors have since dismissed more than 100 cases associated with the unit.

parasailing death lawsuit

Parasailing Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed by the husband of a woman who plummeted to her death while parasailing in Florida last August.

Horrible story here. While vacationing, the husband and wife took a parasailing excursion offered at the resort where they were staying. Riding tandem, the husband was strapped into his own harness. He watched as his wife slipped free and feel the equivalent of 20 stories.

With approximately 1,000 patients since beginning his practice 25 years ago, Dr. Nikita Levy leaves behind an “extraordinary” amount of evidence that he violated patient’s rights. Financial compensation may be available for his victims, approximately 100 of which have come forward so far.

Earlier this month, Dr. Nikita Levy, an OB/GYN at a medical center affiliated with Johns Hopkins, was suspended after a co-worker reported suspicious activity to the hospital’s security staff. Three days later, his employment was terminated. Within days, he was found dead in his Baltimore home from an apparent suicide.

Lawsuits against Dr. Levy and Johns Hopkins have already begun – invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and negligence are amongst the claims being made. While the investigation continues, and all of the evidence is yet to be known, his patients deserve to feel that somebody is listening and ready to protect their rights.

Money. Sex. Power. Crime. Okay, this one has it all.

A Texas millionaire has settled civil suits with ten men who alleged they were paid for sex as teenagers.

The millionaire and founder of the “Cadillac Ranch” in Texas was named in the lawsuit, along with other members of the family and a family associate. The suit alleged that the millionaire plied the plaintiffs who were minors at the time, with money, drugs, and sometimes cars to perform sex acts in his office and home.

We are reviewing da Vinci robotic surgery claims. There has already been talk of early settlements in these cases. If you think you have a claim, call 800-553-8082 or get a free on-line consultation.

A recently published report by Citron Research has identified over 80 deaths associated with da Vinci robotic surgery. Those deaths are in addition to the thousands of serious injuries related to the system.According to the report, over 4,600 adverse events were reported to the FDA.

Billed as less invasive than standard surgery, Intuitive Surgical, the da Vinci manufacturer, stated that “you can have major surgery with only a few tiny incisions. It was said that a surgeon could operate with better visualization, precision, dexterity, and control than by using traditional surgical approaches.” But at what cost?

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In the first of what may be many more to come, the widow of a man killed in the Aurora, Colorado theatre shootings has filed suit against the University of Colorado Denver, James Holmes’ psychiatrist, and five other defendants.

It has been alleged that one month before the horrific incident, Holmes told the director of Student Mental Health Services on campus that he “fantasized about killing a lot of people.” When asked by campus police if they should apprehend Holmes and place him on a psychiatric hold, the psychiatrist rejected the idea.

The lawsuit claims that the shooting would not have occurred had the doctor ordered the psychiatric hold. She is being sued for failing to act rather than for taking an action that results in harm.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the Delmarva area, or anyone anywhere for that matter, that doesn’t recognize the names Yeardley Love or George Huguely.

In case you’ve had your head in the sand and haven’t heard these names, the story here is tragic. Yeardley Love was a popular and beautiful University of Virginia lacrosse player, whose was killed in an awful and vicious manner. Love’s former boyfriend, George Huguely, was convicted of her death and is currently awaiting sentencing.

It is being reported that Yeardley Love’s family has filed a lawsuit against George Huguely, and is asking for $29.45 million dollars in compensatory damages, with another $1 million being sought in punitive damages. The lawsuit states that Huguely “acted with such indifference to Love that his conduct constituted an utter disregard of caution amounting to a complete neglect of safety for Love.” Moreover, the suit said that Huguely “was aware, or should have been aware’ that Love was severely injured after the physical altercation that would result in her death.” The suit names Love’s sisters as beneficiaries of her estate.

A California woman has sued Honda alleging Honda exaggerated the miles per gallon she could expect. A small claims judge agreed with her.

After purchasing a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid, the Plaintiff expected that her vehicle would get the 50 miles per gallon that it advertised. Instead, it was only getting around 30, and never got more than 42 (personally, I’d be thrilled if my car got 30 miles per gallon, let alone 42). So she sued, asking that Honda pay for her trouble and the extra money that she spent on gas.

The judge ruled that Honda misled her when it claimed that its Civic hybrid could drive up to 50 miles on a gallon of gas, and awarded her more than $9,800 in damages. has a post on the 10 legal words or phrase we could do without. I’ve been guilty of using the “instant case” although I now promise to stop. The word I hate more than all of these is the word “same” as in, “I will write a memorandum on the issue and the discuss same with Mr. Smith.” I just find it incredibly annoying. The foolishness of using these kinds of words is underscored in a recent book on advocacy from Justice Scalia He says that words and phrases used almost only by lawyers in place of plain-English are ill-advised.

I agree. Let’s all agree to stop it.

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