Parasailing Lawsuit Filed By Victim’s Husband

parasailing death lawsuit

Parasailing Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed by the husband of a woman who plummeted to her death while parasailing in Florida last August.

Horrible story here. While vacationing, the husband and wife took a parasailing excursion offered at the resort where they were staying. Riding tandem, the husband was strapped into his own harness. He watched as his wife slipped free and feel the equivalent of 20 stories.

The lawsuit names several defendants and includes Sands Harbor Resort and Marina, the resort where the parasailing company operated from. The suit alleges that the harness broke and was in bad shape and poorly maintained.
The lawsuit was filed a month after a bill to regulate the parasailing industry failed to make it past committee meetings. In Florida, the only requirements to have a parasailing business is a boat, some equipment, insurance, and a licensed boat captain. According to the Parasail Safety Council, since 1982, there have been 429 serious accidents with 72 deaths. With those statistics, one would certainly expect something to be done.

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