Ohio Average Personal Injury Verdicts

Jury Verdict Research published a recent study indicating that the average verdict in personal injury lawsuit in Ohio is 303,955. The median personal injury verdict in Ohio is only $13,000. Approximate three percent of Ohio personal injury verdicts exceed $1,000,000.

Recent  Settlements and Verdicts in Ohio

2013 – Plaintiffs, an Ohio mother and father, file suit after their infant son is born.  As in many of these birth injury claims, the child was deprived of oxygen at birth.   Mom presented to the hospital at 3:20 p.m.  She is in early labor.  Her OB/GYN  left her with a second-year resident.  The  baby looked good.  Her fetal tracings were fine until midnight.  For the next four hours, conservative intrauterine resuscitative measures had been taken in response to the non-reassuring tracings.  At 4:50 a.m., the fetal monitor flatlined and an emergency C-section was performed.  The infant was born at 5:10.  Mom and Dad file suit alleging both doctors were negligent in failing to perform a more timely C-section, leading to complete oxygen deprivation.  The case was bifurcated, and after the court found the hospital and doctor to be negligent.  The parties negotiated a $5,250,000 settlement.

2013 – A 47 year old probation officer in Ohio files a medical malpractice suit against Defendant, University of Toledo Medical Center.  A loss of consortium claim is included on behalf of the victim’s husband.  After a two-year history of pain in the right upper extremity, an EMG revealed evidence of right cubital tunnel syndrome.  Transposition of the ulnar nerve was performed.  During the surgery, the ulnar nerve was transected.  Post-operatively she continued to treat for pain.  She reported hypersensitivity in her hand and difficulty at work.  After treatment and management of complex regional pain syndrome with stellate ganglion blocks, and a regimen of physical therapy, she underwent a second surgical procedure.  As a result she resigned from her job as a probation officer due to her inability to keep up with her work duties.  She filed suit claiming permanent complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), hypersensitivity, and difficulty sleeping.  The court determined she should have been able to continue working and declined to award lost wages.  They awarded $250,000 to her for past and future pain and suffering, and $854 for out of pocket medical expenses.  The husband was awarded $150,000 for loss of consortium.  The total judgment was $400,853.88, plus a $25 filing fee.

2010 – A 60 year old retiree was awarded $75,000 for pain and suffering as a result of being injected with the wrong patient’s blood.  During a routine nuclear stress test, the Plaintiff was hooked up to an IV for injection of medications.  The Defendant failed to check the Plaintiff’s wrist band, and injected her with a blood mixture from the patient in the adjoining room.  The blood had not been screened for blood borne diseases.  Ultimately there was no evidence of infection, and the Plaintiff did not suffer a rejection of the blood, therefore the Defendants denied liability on the grounds that the Plaintiff did not suffer an injury.  The jury disagreed but obviously did not award a great deal of money.

2010 – A 42 year old homemaker was awarded $195,500 as a result of a common bile duct injury that required an addition surgery to repair.  Plaintiff underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy during which the Defendant surgeon mistakenly clipped and removed a portion of her common bile duct. Defendant claimed that a common bile duct injury is a known risk and complication of the procedure.  An Ohio jury sided with the Plaintiff and awarded her $196,500 for pain and suffering, and $70,000 for past medical expenses.  Total verdict was $196,500.