Ohio Medical Malpractice Statistics

Medical malpractice cases in Ohio are on the rise. A little. The Ohio Department of Insurance released its 2009 data (ah, guys, it is 2011) indicating that after four years of decline, medical malpractice lawsuits are up from 2008 in Ohio.

The data is really interesting and can be summarized as follows: most Ohio medical malpractice cases go nowhere. More than three fourths of cases result in no settlement or verdict. Most cases that get dismissed really go nowhere: they are dismissed and/or abandoned by plaintiffs.

Of cases that did proceed, more than 90% ended in settlement. Ohio malpractice insurers are apparently largely willing to settle good cases. When the cases did go to trial, defendant doctors won more than 1 in 5 of the trials.

Only 24% of the malpractice cases resulted in an indemnity payment; the majority of the payments (almost 22%) were the result of the parties reaching a settlement. A mere 5% of the cases went to trial and ended in a verdict, and less than 1% of the cases (0.84%) resulted in a verdict for the plaintiff.

More interesting Ohio malpractice statistics:

  • 7% of settlements/verdicts were over $1 million
  • The physician specialties that had the most claims filed against them were (in order): internal general surgery, emergency medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, family physicians/general practitioners, radiology, orthopedic surgery, anesthesiology, cardiovascular disease specialists, neurology, and pediatrics
  • Neurologists had the highest average payment: $1,530,218.
  • The average wrongful death case where payment was made was $406,329.
  • The highest paid average indemnity ($1,266,637) was for “permanent grave” injuries such as quadriplegia and brain damage – injuries requiring life-long care.