Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft Linked to Cancer

A new study suggests a potential link between spinal surgeries involving Medtronic Infuse and cancer.  This is not only concern.  It is just the latest.  This product, which certainly helps many patients, comes with a great deal of risk.

medtronic infuse bone graft cancer

Growing concerns with use of Medtronic Infuse

The Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft is a product that helps patients to create bone.   Before this innovation, the bone was harvested from the hip. The product is approved for fractures of the tibia, degenerative disc disease, and some dental bone grafting procedures.  Medtronic has made billions on it.  Wanting even more money, the pushed doctors to use this product for everything but the common cold.  But sales are falling now that more and more flaws in the product come to light.

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery published the study.  This is a serious and well respected medical journal.  What exactly did the study show?   Patients that were given the Infuse were nearly seven times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer over the following two years.    That is jaw-dropping.

Other complications reported to the FDA include:

  • Swelling of the throat, sometimes causing difficulty breathing, swallowing, and death
  • Nerve problems: numbness, tingling, damage
  • Male sterility/infertility
  • Loss of bone
  • Rampant bone growth when used in for neck surgeries.  There is a very high risk of death because of the swelling in the throat and suffocation.

Infuse Lawsuits

The number of Medtronic Infuse lawsuits is growing rapidly, and will continue to grow.  Patients claim that the company failed to adequately warn doctors and patients of the risks of the product, and that Infuse was illegally marketed for users not approved by the FDA.

Do I Have a Medtronic Infuse Claim?

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