Family of Boy Killed at Alabama Airport Files Suit

Absolute awful story here. A 300 to 400 pound arrival and departure sign fell on four members of a family, returning from a spring break vacation, while other family members looked on. The injuries sustained were just horrific, including the death of a ten year old boy.

Included in the wrongful-death lawsuit filed this week are nine contractors, designers, and construction companies. The suit states the defendants knew or should have known that airport visitors would be standing near the cabinet to read flight information. It further alleges that the defendants had numerous conversations regarding concerns over the instability of the cabinet and a foreseeable risk of fatal danger to the general public. There are three other cabinets, one of which was to be screwed into the concrete floor, and efforts were made to secure the second and third cabinets into the wall, ceiling, or floor. The fourth cabinet, the one that fell, was left freestanding without any anchors to the floor, wall or ceiling.

I’m sure that this case will involve a whole lot of finger pointing among the defendants, as well as a lot of he said, she said. However it wraps, this is just a horrific thing to happen.

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