Exactech Ankle Implant Recall Lawsuit

Exactech, a leading manufacturer of joint replacement implants, recently initiated a comprehensive recall of all its Vantage® implant systems used in total surgeries replacement surgeries. These ankle implants have been on the market since 2016 and used in thousands of procedures.
The recall was launched after the Exactech learned that a manufacturing flaw with the product packaging was causing the polyethylene insert component in the ankle implants to degrade and not function properly. This defect causes the ankle implants to prematurely fail, causing acute pain and ultimately requiring patients to undergo additional revision surgery.
Individuals who had the Exactech Vantage ankle replacement system implanted and experienced premature failure due to this defect can file a product liability lawsuit against Exactech and potentially recover financial compensation for their pain and medical expenses. Our product liability attorneys are currently seeking Exactech implant recall cases from anyone who suffered a premature failure of their Vantage ankle replacement implant.


Recall of Exactech Ankle Replacement Implants

Exactech is a leading surgical device manufacturer based in Gainesville, Florida. The company was originally founded in the 1980s by a group of orthopedic surgeons and it specializes in surgical implants for joint replacements. The Vantage Total Ankle System is Exactech’s proprietary ankle replacement implant system.
Exactech has major share of the joint replacement implant market in the U.S. and its ankle implants have been used in thousands of patients. Exactech first released the Vantage ankle implant system in early 2016. If you had ankle replacement surgery after 2015, there is a very good chance that you have an Exactech Vantage ankle implant.
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In August 2021, Exactech commenced a sweeping recall of all its Vantage ankle replacement implants and its knee implant systems. Ankle and knee replacement surgery is generally utilized to for the treatment of severe chronic pain from arthritis. The recall covers around 147,000 Exactech implants. Although the majority of these recalled systems are knee implants, there are still thousands of patients with defective Exactech ankle implants.
Exactech launched the Vantage ankle implant recall after the company realized that the vacuum-seal packaging used for its products since 2004 was defective. The packaging was not air-tight like it was supposed to be and it allowed too much oxygen in. This flaw, which went noticed for decades, allowed the polyethylene insert components of the Vantage implant system to rapidly oxidize and degrade before use. The degraded insert was not able to function properly resulting in excessive wear and tear once the implant was inserted. This excessive stress from the defective insert eventually causes the Vantage ankle replacement system to fail prematurely.

Compensation for Recalled Exactech Ankle Implants

Like all product manufacturers, Exactech is legally obligated to ensure that its surgical implants are safe and free of any potentially harmful defects or flaws. The recall of all Vantage ankle implant systems is essentially an admission by Exactech that these implants contained a manufacturing defect, therefore, Exactech has clear legal liability for all injuries and damages resulting from the defective implants.
Any patient who had the Exactech Vantage ankle replacement system surgically implanted as part of their ankle surgery can seek financial compensation by filing a product liability lawsuit against Exactech if the implant failed prematurely. Failure of the ankle implant can result in acute pain, swelling, and impaired walking ability. Patients who experience premature failure will require corrective surgery to replace it. If a plaintiff brings a successful Exactech ankle implant lawsuit, they would be entitled to damages for:
(a) pain & suffering
(b) medical expenses related to the revision surgery or other treatment, and
(c) any lost wages or income caused by the knee implant failure.

FAQs: Exactech Ankle Recall Lawsuits

Why are Exactech ankle replacements being recalled?

Exactech recalled all of its total ankle replacement implant systems because they contain a defective polyethylene insert part that can lead to accelerated wear, bone loss, and eventually premature failure of the implant. Exactech discovered that the polyethylene inserts in the knee replacement system were shipped in defective vacuum-seal packaging bags. The defective packaging allowed too much oxygen to penetrate the bag triggering oxidation of the polyethylene material. Over time, this oxidation causes the mechanical properties of the inserts to significantly degrade leading to early failure.

What are symptoms of a failed knee or ankle replacement?

Symptoms of a failed knee or ankle replacement include: pain, inability to bear weight on joint, grinding noise in joint, swelling, or instability in the knee or ankle. When a failed device is suspected, surgeons are instructed to take X-rays to evaluate the status of the Exactech implant.

How much can you get for an Exactech ankle recall lawsuit?

We estimate that Exactech ankle replacement recall lawsuits could have a settlement value of $80,000 to $175,000.

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