United Auto in Florida: The Soap Opera Continues

United Automobile Insurance lawyer Charles Grimsley has agreed to a public reprimand for saying Miami-Dade judges “are being paid off” by plaintiffs’ car accident lawyers.
Grimsley was clearly agitated by the success of plaintiffs’ accident lawyers in small claims personal injury protection cases in Florida. In frustration, he said, “I think the judges are being paid off, but I can’t prove that.”

I think but I cannot prove. I think United Automobile Insurance is on the wrong side of justice in Florida because they are essentially taking premiums but fighting payout of too many valid claims under a scorched earth policy with its own insured. But I can’t see anything wrong with “I think but I cannot prove.” If we can only talk about what we can prove as opposed to what we suspect, the First Amendment is worth nothing. And lawyers are entitled to their First Amendment rights just like anyone else.

I think if Grimsley had fought this he would have prevailed, but I suspect United Auto prevented a cessation of tensions in Florida and asked Grimsley to rollover.

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