Truck Accidents: Drivers That Should Not Have a License

Tractor-trailer and bus drivers in the United States have suffered seizures, heart attacks, or unconscious spells behind the wheel that led to deadly bus and truck accidents on highways, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Okay, as awful as this “news” is, it really is not news, right? Regrettably, people die behind the wheel of a car or truck every day. But here is what is “news”: Hundreds of thousands of drivers have commercial licenses to drive trucks and buses, but they also qualify for full federal disability payments. In other words, they cannot hold down any job of any kind, but they can drive a 40-ton weapon. Tell me how to explain this without using the phrase “the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration needs to get its act together.”
The Associated Press found that truckers violating federal medical rules have been caught in every state. According to the most recent data available, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Alabama, New Jersey, and Minnesota were states where truck drivers were sanctioned most frequently for violating medical rules.

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