Oliver E. Diaz, Jr. Reelection to the Mississippi Supreme Court

I received the following email regarding my post concerning from Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver E. Diaz, Jr.’s recent dissenting opinion in a wrongful death case:

Dear Mr. Miller,
Thank you for the recent post on your blog concerning the banning of my dissent at the Mississippi Supreme Court. Your comments were right on point and it is indeed incredible that the majority of my court voted to ban my dissent in the wrongful death case. I am currently running for re-election to the court and am opposed by forces that want to implement further tort reform measures. I would appreciate it if you would provide a link to my campaign website in case anyone would like more information about my campaign. The address is www.justiceoliverdiaz.com. Again, thank you for your comments.

Oliver E. Diaz, Jr.
Mississippi Supreme Court

As Justice Diaz requests, I have passed this information along. As I have written before, the Mississippi Supreme Court has been – and I don’t think it hyperbole to say this – harsh to accident and malpractice victims. Without involving myself too deeply into elections (I try unsuccessfully to stay out), I think Justice Diaz can be relied upon to be a voice for accident and malpractice victims.

(Postscript: I wrote Justice Diaz back and told him that I like to stay out of politics but I would post his message. He responded, “Good luck staying out of elections, I wish I could as well!” I also wish that Justice Diaz and other Mississippi Supreme Court justices could stay out of the election process.) —–

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