Connecticut Injury Verdicts

The average personal injury verdict at trial in Connecticut is $2,519,637, according to Jury Verdict Research.

This is great ammo if you are a personal injury lawyer trying to trump up the value of your case or if you are a tort reform advocate trying to show that juries are going wild. But this is unbelievably misleading.

The median personal injury verdict in Connecticut is $22,499, less than 10% of the average. Only 4% of verdicts exceed $1 million and I would love to see how many of these verdicts are actually collected. My guess? Less than half. Someone got a $326 million verdict in this study. I didn’t look up the verdict but somehow I doubt someone wrote a $326 million check.

Average verdict statistics are often worthless yet people are always throwing average numbers out there. I’m as guilty as anyone. We put up a lot of average verdicts statistics because they are of great interest to other lawyers and potential plaintiffs. But these Connecticut statistics underscore that the information is for entertainment purposes only.