Connecticut Personal Injury Verdicts

A recent study conducted by Jury Verdict Research found the median compensation in personal injury trials in Connecticut is $17,391 and injury victims obtain a financial recovery in 58% of cases that go to trial. This is less than half the national average.

One reason why the personal injury verdicts in Connecticut are particularly low is that the small claims limit maximum in personal injury cases is $5,000. Accordingly, Connecticut personal injury lawyers are required to seek jury trials for smaller cases that would not warrant a jury trial in other jurisdictions. So the number, while disconcerting for Connecticut injury victims and their lawyers, may be someone misleading.

The following are a few verdicts and settlements from the Constitution State:

  • 2019, Connecticut: $23,050,000 Verdict. A 12-year-old boy was a school bus passenger. The bus driver swerved to avoid a collision with an unidentifiable vehicle but struck a tree instead. Its impact caused the boy to strike his head several times. He sustained multiple skull fractures and brain bleeds. Medical professionals diagnosed him with a traumatic brain injury. He underwent emergency brain surgery. His injuries negatively affected his behavior. He was transferred out of the public school system as a result. In addition to the bus driver and bus company, the family sued the uninsured motorist carrier for the unidentifiable vehicle’s negligence. The Waterbury County jury determined that the car’s driver was 26 percent liable, while the bus driver and bus company were 74 percent liable. They awarded a $23,050,000 verdict.
  • 2019, Connecticut: $4,600,000 Settlement. A man suffered a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures after a pickup truck struck his motorcycle. Specifically, he suffered fractures to his knees, shoulder, ribs, legs, and skull. He underwent brain surgery, in which doctors placed shunts. His brain injury caused him to experience cognitive and neurological deficits. He also underwent open reduction and internal fixation surgery. Before trial, the case settled for $4,600,000.
  • 2018, Connecticut: $2,271,486 Verdict. A woman slipped and fell on black ice in a parking garage owned by the town of Greenwich. She suffered a concussion and other head injuries. The woman sued the town for failing to remove ice and snow from the town-owned parking garage. The Fairfield County jury awarded her $2,271,486.
  • 2017, Connecticut: $1,000,000 Verdict. A woman suffered unspecified injuries during her acupuncture treatment. She sued her acupuncturist, alleging that he failed to protect her from contacting a heat lamp during the procedure, and left her unattended. The jury awarded her $1,000,000.
  • 2016, Connecticut: $1,300,000 Settlement. A couple’s vehicle was rear-ended by another vehicle, owned by a construction company. The husband sustained an arm fracture and a back injury, while the wife suffered a knee ligament tear and an undisclosed injury. They filed suit in New Britain Superior Court against the driver and his employer. The case settled for $1,300,000.
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