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Victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault can use the civil justice system in New Hampshire to hold abusers and the institutions that enabled them accountable  This post will explain how sex abuse victims can bring civil lawsuits in New Hampshire and what the average compensation payout is in these cases.

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May 2024: State lawyers requested the Rockingham Superior Court judge invalidate a landmark $38 million verdict in a case alleging sexual, physical, and emotional abuse at a state-run youth detention center in the 1990s. However, Judge Andrew Schulman denied this request, affirming that the plaintiff had proved the state’s liability for the abuse endured. Despite the $38 million verdict, the compensation will be capped at $475,000 due to a state law limiting awards to $475,000 per “incident,” as the jury only found one incident based on the plaintiff’s complex PTSD diagnosis resulting from numerous abuses.

A recent Nashua Telegraph article suggests the venue in which the suit is tried plays a pivotal role in its outcome in New Hampshire. According to the newspaper’s data, not only is New Hampshire a more conservative state compared to the national average but the degree of a jury’s defense-friendliness fluctuates wildly from county to county.

Jurisdictional Differences

The Telegraph compiled data from four major courts in the state: Merrimack County, Rockingham County, and Hillsborough County (dividing Hillsborough into Nashua and Manchester). They discovered that while juries found in favor of plaintiffs in 53 percent of the cases filed in the states; most populous counties, only 41 percent of cases tried in Nashua and 44 percent in Manchester resulted in successful plaintiffs. Merrimack County and Rockingham County tended more towards the national average, weighing in at 52 percent and 49 percent respectively.

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