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Parents of new babies in many parts of the country are having a hard time finding infant formulas such as Similac and Enfamil in June 2022. The supply chain problems that are currently hampering the U.S. economy have created a very acute shortage of infant formula, resulting in empty shelves and understandably stressed and concerned parents.


June 1, 2023: The FDA announced that the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) will carry out an independent inquiry into the U.S. infant formula industry. This investigation will scrutinize current market conditions, manufacturing diversity, product types, production capacities, and domestic vs. imported formula volumes.

This post will provide the latest news and events related to asbestos and mesothelioma including court rulings, verdicts, new laws and regulations, asbestos-related bankruptcies, asbestos trust fund information, and more. If you were diagnosed with mesothelioma or think you might have an asbestos case, call our asbestos lawyers today at 800-553-8082.


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When the cryptocurrency company FTX dissolved, many innocent investors lost millions. The FTX collapse prompted a class-action lawsuit by aggrieved investors. A number of high-profile celebrities and athletes, including Larry David, Tom Brady, and Steph Curry, have been named in the class-action lawsuit because they were paid spokespersons for FTX. Let’s point out from the beginning: it seems like a crazy stretch to sue these people.

One of the famous people named in the lawsuit is former basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal. Over the last several months, however, Shaq has allegedly been actively avoiding service of process attempts by attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Brady, Curry, and the rest of the big-name defendants have all voluntarily accepted service in the case, but Shaq remained a deliberately elusive target for process servers, prompting some to call for a foul.

Update: The process server attended Game 4 by purchasing a ticket – which had to cost a fortune – and approached O’Neal while he was on the Inside the NBA set. Two lawsuits were served to him, with the second one relating to his Astrals NFT Project. It is alleged that O’Neal was not amused by the situation and had the process server removed from the arena, which is crazy.

In a recent malpractice opinion in Acree v. Bayhealth Med. Ctr., a Delaware Superior Court provides a ruling of interest to any Delaware medical malpractice lawyer looking to find more deep pockets that are vicariously liable for a health care provider’s care.  In this case, the focus is on a staffing agency that provided an orthopedic surgeon to a hospital.

Facts of Acree v. Bayhealth Med. Ctr.

An orthopedic surgeon performed an arthroscopic procedure on a patient’s right knee at a medical center owned by Bayhealth. Complications and a post-operative infection arose after the surgery, which, the patient alleges, will necessitate a total knee replacement.

A new consumer class action lawsuit was recently filed against Coca-Cola Company alleging that the company falsely markets its “Simply Tropical Juice as all-natural while failing to disclose that they contain high levels of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). PFAS are harmful chemicals that have been linked to various health problems.

About PFAS

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) a group of synthetic chemicals that are used in a wide variety of products because of their ability to resist deterioration from water, grease, oil and other substances. PFAS are frequently called “forever chemicals” because the same properties that make them resistant to deterioration from water and oil also make them resistant to being broken down once released into the environment or the human body.

Our law firm handles heart defect Camp Lejeune lawsuits in all 50 states.

For 34 years, marines, their families, and civilian employees at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina were exposed to toxic chemicals in the drinking water. Scientific studies have shown that exposure to this contaminated water increases heart defect rates. Thanks to a new federal law, victims with heart defects can now bring a Camp Lejeune lawsuit and get well-deserved compensation.

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Victims of sexual abuse in Illinois can file civil lawsuits and receive significant financial settlements. This post will examine the process and laws related to sex abuse lawsuits in Illinois. We will also review the average settlement value of these cases and provide examples of settlements and verdicts.

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Sun Bum, Paul Mitchell, and Batiste, leading manufacturers of dry shampoos, are facing proposed class action lawsuits following reports of dangerously high benzene levels in some of their products. Benzene is a widely recognized carcinogenic impurity, linked with leukemia and other forms of cancer.

S.C. Johnson & Son, Sun Bum’s parent company, along with John Paul Mitchell Systems and Church & Dwight Co., the manufacturers of Batiste, are all implicated in these lawsuits. The lawsuits claim that the presence of benzene in these companies’ aerosol dry shampoos renders the products adulterated and misbranded, making their sale illegal under both federal and state law.

The lawsuits specifically mention products such as Sun Bum Beach Formula Dry Shampoo, Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Brunette Dry Shampoo, and 13 varieties of Batiste dry shampoos. The presence of benzene in these products is particularly alarming given that dry shampoo is typically used in large volumes, applied directly to the scalp and hair, and predominantly used indoors, enhancing the potential for short- and long-term inhalation.

Victims of sexual abuse assault have the right to file civil lawsuits and get financial compensation for what they went through. Maine has recently passed new laws making it easier for abuse victims to seek justice in the civil courts, even decades after the abuse occurred. This post will look at the process of filing sex abuse lawsuits in Maine and review the applicable laws related to sex abuse civil suits. We will also discuss the average settlement value of Maine sex abuse cases and look at recent verdicts and settlements.


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Rollover accidents, though less frequent than other types of vehicular accidents, often lead to severe injuries or even death. The inherent complexities surrounding these cases demand expertise in both personal injury law and product liability, making them uniquely challenging for even the most seasoned legal practitioners.

Understanding Rollover Accidents

Rollovers occur when a vehicle tips over onto its side or roof during a crash. While any vehicle can experience a rollover, taller, narrower vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and vans are more susceptible due to their higher center of gravity. Many factors can contribute to a rollover accident, including the driver’s behavior, road conditions, and vehicle type.

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