AlloDerm Hernia Surgery Lawsuits

There are over 700,000 hernia surgeries performed every year in the United States, often at a cost of about $10,000 each (costs include hospital bills, doctor bills, anesthesia bills, and medication costs). Experiences vary, with some people unable to move for days, and others able to jump up right after surgery. No doubt, however, no one should have to go through it if at all possible.

alloderm hernia surgery lawsuits

AlloDerm Hernia Surgery

AlloDerm is a mesh implant that has been on the market since 2008, and is used frequently for hernia repair surgeries. A hernia is typically a bulge of the intestine that pushes through the weakened abdominal wall. It is repaired by placing mesh on the abdominal wall to strengthen it and prevent the hernia from protruding out.

Unfortunately, AlloDerm is a product that seems to get one step closer to a medical recall every day. Medical studies show a very high failure rate—one study indicated a 76% success rate (that’s a C, which might be okay for some students, but doctors, and patients shouldn’t tolerate it). Other studies are less generous.

When AlloDerm fails, the results can include infection or punctures of nearby organs or tissue. The most frequent complication, however, is a reoccurrence of the hernia. That requires another hernia surgery.

AlloDerm injury lawsuits have been gaining momentum—there is a small hotbed of cases filed in New Jersey state court, where the manufacturer does business. Those cases will probably be combined into what New Jersey courts refer to as a “mass tort.” Basically, similar cases are grouped together, one judge oversees all of them, and discovery is easier and cheaper for everyone because it is all done as a group. Another benefit is that, should AlloDerm settlements be possible, the judge can exercise pressure on both sides to hammer out an agreement.

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If you have had hernia surgery and think AlloDerm may have been used, and if you had complications like mesh erosion, puncture of other organs, infection, or a need for a second hernia surgery, contact our medical device lawyers.  We can get your medical records and let you know if you should file an AlloDerm lawsuit. You may be entitled to the cost of the surgery (even if it was paid by health insurance), time lost from work, and pain and suffering damages.

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