GEICO Verdicts and Settlements in Oregon in 2016

Below is a list of GEICO settlements and verdicts in Oregon in 2016.  GEICO is not a company we are fond of, underscored by this 2019 California appellate opinion.

  • Oregon: $120,000 Verdict. An adult female is driving in the left lane of a three-lane, one-way road when she is struck by a vehicle attempting to make a left turn from the center lane. She was insured by GEICO, and filed a claim to recover underinsured motorist benefits. GEICO argues the extent of her injuries, but a jury awards her $1,991.69 for economic damages and $73,008.31 for non-economic damages.
  • Oregon: $99,978 Verdict. The plaintiff is traveling on an off-ramp in front of the defendant’s vehicle. The plaintiff stops her vehicle at a stop sign. She inches out to look at traffic, and the defendant’s vehicle strikes the rear of her vehicle. The plaintiff suffers a left shoulder injury requiring surgery as a result, as well as thoracic and lumbar sprains. The defendant is insured by GEICO, and ordered to pay $74,978 in medical expenses, $20,000 in lost wages, and $5,000 in non-economic damages to the plaintiff.
  • Oregon: $75,000 Verdict. A woman is making a left turn from the center lane of a street to turn into a driveway. While she is waiting to execute her turn, another vehicle enters the lane of traffic and collides with her. The woman has a neck injury and herniated cervical disc that will require surgery in addition to headaches. She settles a claim against the other driver for their $25,000 policy limits, and then brings a claim against her insurer, GEICO, to recover underinsured motorist benefits. A jury awards her $75,000.
  • Oregon: $46,903 Verdict. A 45-year-old female is a passenger in a vehicle when the defendant’s vehicle strikes it in the rear. The defendant is insured by GEICO and admits liability. A jury returns a verdict including $16,903 in economic damages and $30,000 in non-economic damages.
  • Oregon: $25,000 Settlement.  This is a classic rear-end accident case.  A man is driving his vehicle on the highway. He slows due to traffic, but the defendant’s vehicle, traveling behind him, fails to slow and impacts the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle. The impact pushes the man’s vehicle into the vehicle in front of him, resulting in a knee injury requiring arthroscopic surgery and injuries to his back and shoulders. The parties settle with defendant’s insurance company, GEICO, for $25,000.
  • Oregon: $23,120 Verdict. The plaintiff’s vehicle is traveling in the far left lane when the defendant is operating their vehicle in the far left lane. Defendant makes a lane change, but strikes the vehicle in between the plaintiff’s and his, pushing it into the plaintiff’s vehicle. The plaintiff sustains back injuries, lumbar strains, and a left knee contusion. The defendant’s insurance company, GEICO, pays the jury’s verdict against the defendant, which included $2,900 in economic damages and $20,220 in non-economic damages.

Clearly, you cannot determine the value of a GEICO claim in Oregon by finding a case that sounds similar to yours.  There are too many variables in the works in a personal injury accident case for comparables to have meaning.  But, taken with other informational weapons, these can help you better understand the likely range of values in a case like yours.  You can use the Internet to help you get a probable range of the value of your claim.  But to calculate the true settlement value of your case, you’re going to need to contact a seasoned car accident lawyer who knows the value of cases like yours.

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