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This page will review Utah medical malpractice cases involving birth injuries. We will explain some of the relevant Utah law and look at the settlement value of birth injury lawsuits in Utah.

About Birth Injuries

What does the term “birth injury” mean? Birth injury refers to some type of physical injury, harm or damage that a baby suffers during the labor and delivery process (or earlier in pregnancy). Birth injuries are different from birth defects because a birth injury is not something that is genetic. A birth injury is something that happens to an otherwise healthy baby.

This page explores settlement amounts and jury payouts in personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits in Utah. Our attorneys also provide an analysis of Utah personal injury law.

If you are a victim of personal injury initiating a compensation claim in Utah, you’ll want to know the potential range of settlement payouts for your case. Why? Because the ultimate aim of a personal injury or wrongful death claim is financial compensation. That is all the civil justice system can give you: money.

utah person injury settlements
This page is designed to examine how personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits in Utah have been resolved.  You will be tempted to align your claim with Utah personal injury settlement statistics and example settlements and jury payouts. Caution is advised. You cannot compare two similar cases and anticipate similar results. No two cases are identical, and often what drives the settlement payout of a case isn’t apparent in a summary of the case. Yet, does examining comparable cases and statistics offer you more information about the potential value of your injury claim? Absolutely. That’s why we’ve presented this information, and why you’ve sought out this page, despite all the disclaimers about how statistics, sample settlements, and verdicts are of limited value.

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