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This post will explain the basics of Kansas sexual abuse lawsuits. We examine how Kansas law defines sexual abuse and assault and when victims of sex abuse can file civil lawsuits and get compensation. We will also analyze the potential settlement value of sex abuse lawsuits in Kansas.

Kansas Sex Abuse Lawsuits News & Updates

April 20, 2024: Kansas’s recent legal changes to eliminate the statute of limitations for crimes involving the sexual abuse of minors have made it possible for victims to pursue justice in criminal courts indefinitely. This significant legal reform allows for the prosecution of such crimes regardless of when they occurred, recognizing the long-term impact and often delayed reporting of child sexual abuse.

This page looks at settlement compensation and jury payouts in personal injury lawsuits in Kansas.  Our lawyers also review personal injury law in Kansas

If you are a personal injury victim bringing a compensation claim in Kansas, you want to know the law governing your claim.  But the first thing you want to know is how much money you will get in a settlement or from a jury.  We cannot tell you how much your personal injury case is worth.  But we can help you better understand the possible range of settlement payouts for your claim.  Why is this important? Because money compensation is what wrongful death or personal injury is really about.  The civil justice system cannot make the accident go away.  It can only compensate you monetarily for your loss.

Kansas Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

A federal jury in Kansas jury awarded $23.5 million to a man who was severely injured in a truck accident in New Mexico on Route 54 near Tucumcari with a truck driver who tested positive for methamphetamine. Jurors found that the driver for Swift Transportation was 65% responsible for the accident that left Plaintiff with major spinal cord injuries. U.S. District Judge Monti Belot subsequently reduced the actual award consistent with New Mexico’s comparative negligence law to nearly $15.3 million.

This was a very serious injury case – the defendant has $5 million in past and future medical bills. A big as this case was, it is not the biggest verdict the defendant Swift Transportation has taken in, even the last year. Last December, an Arizona jury awarded $36.5 million to the family of a man killed in a collision with another one of its trucks.

There is a story on the verdict in the Wichita Eagle.

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