Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Cases

The vaginal mesh cases are heating up everywhere as plaintiffs’ lawyers, who frankly smell blood, are pushing with greater vigor to get and hold trial dates.  Multi-million dollar verdicts will do that.

In the Boston Scientific transvaginal mesh cases, lawyers are pushing fast to get a trial date and are expected to get one soon.  How do you define soon in tort law?  Early next year.

vaginal mesh cases

Mesh cases are starting to speed towards justice.

All of these federal cases have been consolidated under a good judge in West Virginia.   The claims against Boston Scientific are largely the same:  the mesh that was supposed to protect them from pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence has done nothing but make their health problems far worse.

Update on These Cases

The claims against this manufacturer are just one part of a very large puzzle.  There have been almost thousands of lawsuits filed in these cases which has sent the message loud and clear to women: you are not alone.  This same judge is also handling all the other vaginal mesh cases against the other manufacturers such as Bard Avaulta, American Medical Systems (AMS), Coloplast, Cook Medical, Boston Scientific, and Ethicon.

My prediction, and it is not a bold one, is that settlement of these claims will cost these medical device makers a small fortune.  So will they learn their lesson and go slower next time before they race these products out on the market, climbing over each other to jump in on the profits, then ignore the alarms as the evidence mounts that the products are doing more harm than good?  I think not.  Why?  A bigger than small fortune was already made off these products.  They are just playing with their winnings at this point.   That’s the problem with these cases.

Honestly, we would be nowhere if not for the FDA.  Sure they got in late, but they eventually got in the game.  Lawsuits started speeding up in 2011 when the FDA learned that thousands of women were having problems and that maybe the use of vaginal mesh to repair POP was not the preferred path.

If you have one of these cases, you really do want to get off the sidelines and bring a claim before you lose your right.  Call us – or call somebody.  You can reach us at 800-883-8082 or get a free and confidential case evaluation here.

2013 Updates

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