Michigan Personal Injury Settlement Amounts

Jury Verdict Research recently released a new study looking at the average personal injury awards in Michigan: $1,089,638. As always, personal injury verdicts conflate the average; the median personal injury compensation award in Michigan is $99,506.

Interestingly, plaintiffs receive a financial recovery in 44% of personal injury lawsuits that go to trial compared to the national average of 52%. These numbers are misleading because the type of case has a huge bearing on both the average recovery and the plaintiffs’ success rate. But this data from Michigan, as well as this settlement and verdict info, are still interesting to personal injury lawyers and accident and malpractice victims in Michigan.

Michigan personal injury verdicts

Michigan Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

The following are some recent Michigan personal injury verdicts and settlements:

  • 2022, Michigan: $2,745,000 Verdict. A 70-something man underwent an anterior C5-6 and C6-7 decompression and fusion. The surgeon approached the neck through a left-side incision. Following the procedure, the man suffered adjacent segment disease. Nine years later, he underwent a revision procedure. The surgeon approached the neck through a right-side incision. Following the procedure, the man experienced breathing and speaking difficulties. Post-surgical testing revealed vocal cord paralysis. The man ultimately required intubation. He experienced difficulties with speaking, eating, and drinking. The man continued to suffer from hoarseness and breathing problems after having the tube removed. His symptoms made it difficult with yard work and walking. The man alleged negligence against the surgeon. He claimed he improperly performed the procedure and failed to check for nerve damage. The jury awarded $2,745,000.
  • 2020, Michigan: $1,000,000 Settlement. A woman suffered a traumatic brain injury shortly after undergoing elective neck surgery. Following the procedure, her recorded oxygen levels were at 99%. She was then sent from the PACU to the floor unit. Her next recorded oxygen levels were at 46%, then 66%, three minutes later. The nurse and CNA testified that there was about an hour delay between the readings and when the rapid response team resuscitated her. She ultimately sustained a traumatic brain injury. The treating neurologist testified that a pituitary injury sustained during surgery caused it. The woman could drive but was physically unable to return to work. This case settled for $1,000,000.
  • 2020, Michigan: $1,800,000 Settlement. A landscaper’s vehicle was broadsided by a police vehicle at an intersection in Ypsilanti. An ambulance transferred him to a hospital, where he stayed for two weeks. He received a traumatic brain injury diagnosis. The man also suffered right leg tendon ruptures and tears. While hospitalized, he received physical, cognitive, occupational, and speech therapy. He was later transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, where he stayed for a month. The man underwent therapy for two years. He subsequently underwent open exploration and repair to his right leg tendons. The man now experienced difficulties with moving his right foot. The man never went back to work following the accident. His doctors claimed that he was now permanently disabled. He sued the police officer for negligence and the City of Ypsilanti for vicarious liability. The man claimed that the officer failed to yield the right-of-way to him and was speeding. One week before trial, the case settled for $1,800,000.
  • 2020, Michigan: $175,000 Settlement. A married couple suffered unspecified personal injuries in a motor vehicle accident. They sought PIP benefits from their insurer, Allstate. The couple sued Allstate for refusing to pay their PIP benefits. During the trial, the case settled for $175,000.
  • 2019, Michigan: $17,000,000 Verdict. A 70-year-old woman underwent a femoral angioplasty to reduce her leg cramps and improve blood flow. She alleged that the hospital staff left the sheaths for too long, causing a blood clot. A cardiothoracic surgeon was consulted the following day. The woman alleged that the surgeon failed to treat the clot and restore her blood flow. Instead, they attempted to inflate the balloons and stems used during the angioplasty. This was done despite the non-party surgeon, who performed the angioplasty, testifying that they were already inflated. The inflation resulted in calcium build-up that caused internal bleeding. She would become paralyzed below her waist as a result. The woman also developed gangrene to her leg, which would be amputated months later. Her internal bleeding also caused an orange-sized ulcer to develop. Despite multiple debridement procedures, it remained. She testified that she would now need extensive care, including round-the-clock care. The Ingham County jury awarded her a $17,000,000 verdict.
  • 2019, Michigan: $68,000 Verdict. A woman suffered undisclosed injuries after an uninsured motorist struck her vehicle. She sued the driver for negligence and her UIM carrier, Allstate, for refusing to pay her UIM benefits. The woman sought damages for her lost wages and pain and suffering. This case eventually proceeded to trial, where Allstate was the only listed defendant. A Wayne County jury awarded her $68,000. The court entered a final judgment of $135,000, based on issues of interest, taxable costs, case evaluation sanctions, and post-verdict issues.
  • 2019, Michigan: $340,000 Verdict. A man entered an intersection on a green light and was subsequently hit by a tractor-trailer that ran a red light. He and his passenger suffered undisclosed injuries. They sued the truck driver for negligence and his employer for vicarious liability. Specifically, they alleged that the trucker failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to obey a traffic signal, and failed to maintain reasonable speeds. The Macomb County jury found the man 5 percent negligent and the truck driver 95 percent negligent. They determined the damages amounted to $340,000. The court reduced it to $323,000, based on comparative negligence.
  • 2019, Michigan: $50,000 Verdict. A man entered an intersection and yielded to pedestrians crossing the street. The vehicle behind him then rear-ended him. The man suffered neck and back injuries. He sued the driver for following him too closely and failing to properly observe the road. The man also sued the vehicle’s owner for entrusting the vehicle to an incompetent driver. He sought pain and suffering damages. The driver and vehicle owner admitted negligence but contested the injuries’ extent. An Oakland County jury ruled in favor of the man and awarded him $50,000.

Michigan Personal Injury Law

Let’s start with Michigan medical malpractice law.

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In medical malpractice cases, the Legislature has decreed that an expert’s tax returns are simply off-limits. MCL 600.2169(5)(a).

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