Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawsuit Result in an Award of $591,000

At the conclusion of a week-long wrongful death trial in Minnesota, the family members of a twenty-two year old college student, killed on a bicycle, have said that while they are grateful for the jury award of $591,000; although, they would have preferred that the two men that they blame for their son’s death to have been forced to spend time in prison. Felony murder and battery charges were dismissed against both defendants.

Sad details here. Apparently, the deceased had a disagreement with a member of a college hockey team. That member, along with several other players and recruits, were said to have consumed 100 shots of alcohol that night. After the disagreement, the deceased apparently fled the bar on a bicycle, fleeing for his life while being chased by the boys. There were differing accounts of whether the boy was pushed, and by whom, or whether his high level of intoxication caused him to crash. Regardless of fault, it is clear that the night was riddled with poor judgment and misconduct, and that the death of this young man was absolutely senseless.

This kind of garbage happens in college and it usually does not end in death.  Kids drink too much and do stupid things and, usually, no real harm is done.  But sometimes things go really wrong like they did in this case and this tragedy will impact this boy’s family for the rest of their lives.

Included in the judgment was $25,000 in punitive damages against one of the boys, and $100,000 in punitive damages against the other.

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