Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Paramedics to Proceed, Court Rules

Yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that a wrongful death lawsuit against the city Park Ridge can move forward because the city is not immune from a lawsuit. An Illinois trial court had granted the city’s motion for summary judgment.

This wrongful death case is gathering attention because of it bizarre facts. A 15 year-old boy’s father called 911 and reported that his son was unconscious and needed resuscitation. Paramedics arrived 5 minutes later but did not treat the patient. We have no idea why. The father called back at about eight hours later. When the paramedics arrived, the boy was in cardiac arrest. Tragically he died at the hospital of a overdose of cocaine and opiates, records show.

Bizarre facts. The a lawyer for the city of Park Ridge says he cannot talk about the case until in comes out in court. Please.