Phantom Vehicle Uninsured Motorist Claims in Maryland

Mr. Miller:

Hi, I am a Maryland attorney and would like to get little mentoring on any differences between an unidentified motorist claim and an uninsured motorist claim. Please call or send me an email and I promise I’ll be brief. Thanks so much for any help!
Dear Maryland Attorney:

There is uninsured motorist coverage under victim’s, or the victim’s resident relative, own car insurance policy. You will find in your client’s uninsured motorist endorsement that there is coverage for a hit-and-run vehicle (you don’t need an actual hit, just an unidentifed or phantom vehicle) whose operator or owner cannot be identified and which hits or causes an accident resulting in bodily injury or property damage. See Section 20-601(c) of the Maryland Insurance Article and Section 19-509.

An accident lawyer can make a phantom vehicle case in Maryland though the testimony of the Plaintiff or, better yet, independent witnesses.

Good luck, I hope this helps. – Ron Miller

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