Metal on Metal Hip Implants

There have been a lot of lawsuits involving hip replacements: Zimmer, Stryker, and DePuy have all been in the scopes of plaintiffs’ lawyers. But a bigger problem might be looming: metal on metal hip implants. In the last few years, metal on metal hip implants have been used in approximately one-third of the replacements performed annually in this country. What is the problem with metal on metal hip implants?
Doctors clearly don’t fully understand the problem yet. But studies are leading some doctors to conclude that the problem manufacturers may have underestimated is the degree to which metal on metal causes the release of microscopic ions of chromium and cobalt.

The body fights back against these metals causing a reaction called metallosis that compromises the immune system. Inflammatory reactions to the metal can cause groin pain, fatigue, death of tissue in the hip joint, loss of surrounding bone and muscle, and…. who knows what else? There is also speculation it may cause heart and kidney problems as well. Metal on metal hip implants are still relatively new so we don’t really know what the long term consequences may be.

The FDA is sitting back, saying that at “the current time”, there is no evidence to support the need for checking metal ion levels for patients without symptoms. If you have a metal on metal hip implant, “at the current time” does not leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Who manufacturers/manufactured these metal on metal hip implants in the United States? Besides the infamous recalled DePuy ASR – Wright Medical, Zimmer Centerpulse (Metasul), and Biomet (M2a and M2a Magnum), have sold metal on metal hip replacement implants here.

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