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In 2024, Vermont has some of the best laws in the country when it comes to civil lawsuits for child sex abuse. Victims of sexual abuse in Vermont can file a civil lawsuit no matter how many decades have passed since the abuse occurred. This post will discuss how sex abuse victims can file civil lawsuits in Vermont and look at the potential settlement value of these cases.

How Does Vermont Define Sex Abuse?

Vermont criminal law statutes define sexual abuse and sexual assault. In the context of a civil lawsuit, sex abuse and assault is called “sexual battery.” Under Vermont law, sexual abuse is defined as intentional sexual contact (either directly or through clothing) of the intimate parts for the purpose of degrading or humiliating the victim or sexually gratifying the abuser. This definition covers everything from forcible rape to indecent exposure.

This page delves into settlement amounts and jury payouts in personal injury cases in Vermont. Our attorneys also provide an analysis of Vermont personal injury law that you need to know if you are bringing a lawsuit.

If you are a victim of personal injury filing a compensation claim in Vermont, you are certainly interested in understanding the potential range of settlement payouts for your claim. Why? Because the ultimate goal of a personal injury or wrongful death claim is financial compensation. This page is designed to analyze how personal injury cases have been resolved in Vermont, giving you the ability to align your claim with Vermont personal injury settlement statistics and example settlements and jury payouts.

But tread carefully. Comparing two similar cases and expecting the same outcome make sense in theory. But the cases rarely line up as they seem to.  Each case is unique and often the driving factors behind a settlement payout cannot be encapsulated in a case summary. But analyzing similar cases and statistics does offer you more insight into the potential value of your injury claim.  That is why we’ve collated and presented this information to you.  So you can learn from example settlements as long as you take them with a bucket of salt.

Vermont has been an epicenter of clergy sex abuse, most notably with Roman Catholic Church.  The Church has made great progress since the days of ignore and coverup but does not heal the scars.

Clergy sex abuse lawsuits against the Catholic Church began earnest in the early 2000s, following similar revelations in other parts of the United States. Survivors of abuse, many of whom had carried their burdens in silence for years, were inspired to heroically speak out. The Church was accused not only of harboring abusive clergy but also of systematically covering up their misconduct.

Vermont Sex Abuse Lawsuits: Chapter 1

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