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The Idaho Court of Appeals affirming the dismissal of a legal malpractice case against a Sandpoint attorney who bought the cause of action against him through bankruptcy proceedings.

The case was a complete mess. The client went bankrupt, but the trustee continued to pursue the case. The underlying case did not sound too impressive: the lawyer was accused of failing to properly prepare a counterclaim and properly plead fraud or request punitive damages.

Aided by what I think is the second highest personal injury jury award in Idaho history (there was a $30 million dollar malpractice award in 1999) the average personal injury award in Idaho was $429,119, according to Jury Verdict Research that complied data from 2000-2006. Before Idaho personal injury lawyers and their clients overestimated the actual value of injury cases in Idaho, this number deflates dramatically when using the median instead of the average personal injury verdict. The median verdict is $17,000. Idaho personal injury plaintiffs obtained a recovery in 56% of the cases that went to trial during this same time period.

Idaho Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

  • 2021, Idaho: $91,000,000 Verdict. A 31-year-old man walked into a convenience store that was being robbed. The store clerk struggled with the robber. He subsequently asked the man to call the police. The robber exited the store. Moments later, the man also exited the store. He was struck in the head by the robber’s baseball bat. The man suffered a traumatic brain injury. He developed chronic headaches, epilepsy, headaches, and cognitive loss. The man now suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. A Pierce County jury awarded him $91,000,000.
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