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According to a recently published Jury Verdict Research study, the average verdict in a personal injury lawsuit in Florida is $1,732,150. Huge and almost invariably uncollectable verdicts, because of caps on a defendant’s ability to pay, and overturned verdicts inflate the average to a number that is really no longer meaningful. The better measure, the median verdict, was $149,411.

The breakdown of the injuries relative to the verdicts in the study were interesting:

Spinal Disc Injury: 24%

The C.R. Bard Avaulta vaginal mesh implanted to treat pelvic organ prolapse may put women at risk for internal injuries and urinary problems. Bard Avaulta mesh lawsuits allege that the defective design of the device may increase the risk of infection, erosion and other painful complications. Plaintiffs seek damages from C. R. Bard, Inc., which makes and sells Avaulta Plus and Avaulta Solo synthetic surgical mesh tissue supports.

Women suffer from pelvic organ prolapse often after childbirth or surgery. Pelvic organ prolapse affects a woman when organs near the pelvis drop from their normal position and put pressure on the vagina. Mesh products have been designed to address problems that stem from prolapse, which include difficulties with bowel and bladder functions or during sex.

The Bard Avaulta vaginal mesh lawsuits allege that the vaginal slings were negligently designed, causing pain and other complications. The problem for many vaginal mesh users has been an erosion of the mesh into the vaginal wall causing tearing, cutting, and sometimes permanent erosion of the vaginal tissues.

The Associated Press has an article on medical malpractice cases in Florida that says it all with the title: “Another good year for medical malpractice insurers.” The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reports that malpractice insurance companies have enjoyed profitability for six consecutive years in Florida and that the average return on surplus for them in 2009 was 6.6 percent.

When these glorious profits are reduced, when these insurance companies fall into the inevitable ebb and flow of profit years and leaner years, we will instantly have ourselves another full blown medical malpractice crisis.

Strong allegations from Florida: a class action nursing home lawsuit claims a Lake Worth nursing home that a engaged in scheme to defraud Medicare and Medicaid and “prey on vulnerable adults.”

The lead plaintiff seeks a class action after injuries frequently the subject of nursing home lawsuits: disfiguring ulcers on her heels. The nursing home denies liability but has asked a law firm to investigate the allegations. The ole “I didn’t do it but let me investigate whether I did it” plan of attack.

Lake Worth Manor has been a troubled nursing home. It has the lowest possible rating from Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration and has spent 31 days on Florida’s watch list. The nursing home’s co-medical director, who just stepped down from his position, has a history that, well, let’s say it makes you think he should not be running a nursing home.

A Florida jury has ordered two Coral Springs doctors to pay $4.3 million to the family of a girl who was misdiagnosed at birth in 1994. The jury determined that two doctors failed to perform tests required by the standard of care and failed to act on symptoms that showed the child had enterovirus, a usually mild illness that can cause death or serious injury in infants. This misdiagnosis left the girl with severe vision problems and permanent liver cirrhosis.

A Broward County, Florida jury on Tuesday awarded $14.6 million to a truck driver paralyzed in a 2007 accident that occurred in Palm Beach County. According to a truck accident lawyer for the plaintiff, the lawsuit was an uninsured motorist claim to National Casualty. The truck accident occurred when the driver swerved to avoid another driver who ran a stop sign. The injuries are extremely serious: the Plaintiff lost use of his arms and legs as a result of the accident and requires ongoing rehabilitation.

JJ HipThe average personal injury verdict in Florida is $1,819,751, according to Jury Verdict Research, a company that tracks jury verdicts. Personal injury plaintiff win at trial in Florida personal injury cases approximately 61 percent of cases that go to trial.

Florida’s threshold requiring a more serious injury in motor tort cases is one reason why the average jury verdict in Florida much higher than the national average. These Florida jury statistic verdicts also underscore that large case inflate average jury verdicts and settlements. The median – as opposed to the average – money damages in Florida personal injury trials in Florida is $122,674.

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Dated but still interesting data on Florida workers’ compensation cases: the average back injury settlement in 1990 was $ 38,000 with medical care continuing (called “keeping your case open”). In 2002, the average back injury settlement is $ 9,800 with no continuing opportunity for further medical care.