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An Arkansas jury returned a $20 million verdict, deliberating less than two hours before finding negligence in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving surgery on the wrong side of a 19 year-old’s brain at Children’s Hospital. It is one of those hard to believe medical negligence tragedies. The then-chief of pediatric neurosurgery at the hospital simply removed matter from the wrong side of the Plaintiff’s brain before operating on the correct side.

The hospital issued a statement of regret and apology after the trial. But it makes you wonder: why did this case go to trial?

A Fayettesville woman filed a lawsuit in an auto accident case against a Springdale, Arkansas on her own behalf and on behalf of her one-year-old daughter. The lawsuit alleges that the unborn child had accident-related complications before and after her birth including a Grade 1 intraventricular hemorrhage and that the child had periods in which she stopped breathing.

As a parent, I can only imagine the fear of harm to your child when you are 35 weeks pregnant and involved in a serious car accident causing these complications. Thankfully, I have to think the child did not have any long-term injury or the lawsuit – for a one-year-old – would be incredibly premature because injuries to a small child are rarely discernable in scope until the child is older.

In 2007, the top five writers of passenger car insurance in Arkansas, according to A.M. Best Co. state/line were: State Farm, 22.8% market share; Southern Farm Bureau Group, 15.5%; Shelter Insurance Cos., 7.9%; Allstate, 7.4%; and Farmers Insurance, 7.3%.

State Farm has nearly three times the market share that Allstate has in Arkansas. I find this amazing.

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