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The page looks at the Hawaii wildfire lawsuits lawyers are filing – and will continue to file against Hawaiian Electric. While there may be other defendants as the investigation unfolds, every Hawaii fire lawsuit has targeted Hawaiian Electric.

This new litigation will bring thousands of property damage, injury, and wrongful death claims. Hawaiian Electric is worth $4 billion.  That will unlikely be enough.

How will these lawsuits play out?  Some lawyers have filed a Lahaina Maui wildfire class action lawsuit.  This will be a good option for some victims.  For other plaintiffs, a class action lawsuit is absolutely the wrong path.

In the aftermath of the destructive wildfires that ravaged Mau, a series of property and personal injury wildfire lawsuits has emerged, targeting various entities involved in fire management and response. These legal actions raise important questions about negligence, responsibility, and the application of Hawaii law in addressing the extensive property damage and displacement experienced by the affected residents.


Maui Wildfire Lawsuit Lawyers

A settlement has been reached in the deaths of a young California attorney and her cousin, after the two women fell to their death while hiking in Hawaii.

The details are tragic. A 32-year-old attorney and her 25-year-old cousin were hiking in a state park, in December 2006. The two encountered a sign warning them not to proceed further along their trail, as it forked to the left. As such, they took the path to the right, which looked to be part of the trail but was not, and instead lead to a cliff, covered in vegetation, with a 300-foot drop. Last year, a Hawaiian judge found the state was liable for the deaths of the two women, because the sign created a hazard that essentially led them to their fatal fall.

The $15.4 million settlement is believed to be the highest personal injury settlement in state history. Here’s the kicker, though. Of that figure, $425,000 is awarded to the family of the cousin, with the remaining $15 million being awarded to the attorney’s family. Wow, big difference. I get the whole “future earning potential” and all. And she did work for one of the nation’s biggest firms. Still. That’s a hard gap to swallow.

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