Zoe Lawsuit

It is a tough day for girls named Zoe. A French Judge dismissed a lawsuit on behalf of two little girls named Zoe Renault who wanted to force a name change of the new “zero emissions” Zoe Renault, claiming the car’s name would cause them a lifetime of embarrassment and humiliation.

The Plaintiffs’ lawyer said the lawsuit was not just for his clients but for Zoe’s everywhere, telling the AP:

    Can you imagine what little Zoe’s would have to endure on the playground, and even worse, when they get a little bit older and someone comes up to them in a bar and says, ‘Can I see your air bags?’ or ‘Can I shine your bumper?’

I’m disturbed he could come up with these taunts so quickly. Anyway, it is a good day for those in France who are looking to taunt girls name Zoe. I’m sure they would have no other weapons in their arsenal if they did not have these Zoe specific jabs. Because it is so hard to think up mindless taunts for little girls.

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