Zetia and Vytorin

The New York Times reports on cholesterol drugs Zetia and Vytorin, two fo the best setting drugs in the United States. Vytorin is a single pill that combines Zetia with another cholesterol-lowering medication. These drugs have been on the market for six years. Now, more than six years since receiving FDA approval, there is still little evidence that either Zetia or Vytorin actually help reduce cholesterol.

This would be a problem in and of itself. But now there is evidence that heart attacks, cancer and other health problems may be attributable to Vytorin and Zetia. In August, a study found that patients in three clinical trials had a 40% great chance of dying from cancer if they took Vytorin instead of a placebo.

Dr. Allen J. Taylor of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center makes a stinging indictment of Zetia. “The only place people should be taking it is in a clinical trial,” he told the Times. What an incredible commentary on a drugs that has been available for six years and had more that $5.2 billion in sales last year.